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Being Attentive …

When someone makes fun of you in public in a way that communicates to everyone except you they’re above you or all knowing that’s to make themselves feel good and sometimes at your own expense and their own expense in the long run. Everyone’s true colors eventually show. Those with unreal expectations of themselves rarely shine if at the expense of others come to believe their smarter or better than, eventually losing a sense of their own esteems at the expense of putting others down in life. So do you. Don’t let anyone get the best of you humor wise be the hero of your story, and live a beautiful life anyways. The one you were meant to live, whether others agree to it or not, the same circumstances that break you will be the same to make you wiser, smarter, sharper, and eventually outgrow the hate and divested interest in destroying your sense of character to sharpen their own image of themselves in relationship to who you are and what your about, based in reality or their fantasized version of things coming to be a newfound love for self absent minded them or lack of love thereof for you seeking attraction not mutual respect, which upon lack of focus or attention out of insecurity become defensive criticizing your heart as defective for not loving them in an attentive way.

Originally handwritten 11-24-20.

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