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If things aren’t working out you can always start over, and that’s the importance of having faith in yourself, to be rewarded with a following, and likes, even on a new site. That much you cant predict the length of time to get going again, so it will feel like youre giving up, but if you stay well during that interim period of time, hopefully all goes smoothly, and that’s being consistent. The attraction value of your work product, will mostly be based on how you are feeling, its that overall, reminder factor, just like muscle memory, Im assuming reading works the same, the feeling you are left with is just as important as the feeling going into the work that you produce. There comes a time when you recognize if you are stuck in your shell, warped in your own mind about things, and this is what people are for, on a whole another level of being human, is recognition that what you don’t have in life, another may possess, and it will be based upon your exposures in life, that you recognize that you don’t have it all figured out and capable of feeling well if you just took the backseat to issues every once in awhile, and allow yourself to be lead by a conversation with someone other than yourself, theres a lot of value to building trust in that way, not like life is a team sport, or a relay race, but if you cant work things out on your own, then that’s how blogging helps, its an open arena to discuss issues, which you may not have the courage to discuss in private, or when the discussions private as so short libbed, then you need another location to really get the guts of what youre trying to say out there, and that’s the beauty of writing, you think, you achieve quiet, you write, you feel the reply, you respond to the reply, it’s a constant guessing game of wonder, and I think that that’s a beautiful concept to sit with, that overtime things can work out, even if you cant visualize how that’s supposed to happen, having faith that things will happen for you, so long as you continue to be present in the here and now, and appreciate how far you’ve come. Life is fun it was not meant to be lived alone, and you are not expected to have everything down all at once, and be able to speak to your feelings and emotions, which I know can be a difficult process of overcoming whats setting you back in life, that doesn’t always mean that you have done wrong, and that doesn’t always mean that that guilt displaced onto you, is completely made up of all your own choices in life either. So that being said, lets thank Elon Musk, he launches aircrafts for a living, Im sure he would be proud of everyone either way, no matter what we are calling smart these days, I think it’s a good idea to enjoy the company of those who are here, and not be too hard on ourselves, I don’t think anyone would want anyone to live life any different than happily in life, and that’s a good fortune waiting to come, so that Im appreciative of. That there is higher skilled labor in life, and although blogging is a new profession, I think we are all faced with a similar pressure to be perfect, not just in how we sound but in how we feel to others, no one wants to not feel good, that’s always a complicated feeling to get yourself out of, let alone disappointment, or a depressed state, where you are not feeling capable, if only we could launch ourselves every now and again, out of whatever displaced state guilt trip we get placed in in life, its not always your fault, if you have fallen behind in life, were flying below the radar in life, for whatever reasons you ever felt like no one, know that there are always people who are someone, and they are being someone, so that no one feels like no one in life, and that’s sometimes all it takes to make a person feel special, to know someone, or to know that someone knows them, that was easy. I really feel bad for everyone that’s high up in life, crowd controlling our faith and trying to get us to think outside the box, I mean scientists, who really put the thinking behind the machinery in terms of analysis and medications and update their DSM books, Im sure are filled with a bunch of new social anxiety social media faux pas, and imagined stresses of thinking you are famous but are not, I don’t think Im the only one, who has ever spoken, and didn’t really know they were important until everyone notified them that they are watching them, that helped. So that’s being known, then you factor in everything you’ve been through to estimate whether you are known in a good way, in a bad way, by rumor, whats memorized about you, what has circulated about you, and then you hold your breath, count to ten, open your eyes, exhale, and just continue to pray, that all your ups and downs were forgiveable states of mind, none of which you plan to revisit or investigate the causes for stupidity or lack of confidence, I just know how I am when I apply myself academically which is something Ive always been good at and sports. So when I started blogging, I applied the same enthusiasm for bettering my understanding of what people like, and did my best to pay attention to the progress that was most noted for, and have continued to do my best challenging myself whether it be through running, graduating, or any other big task in life, most of which at times needs a little inspiration to continue going in life. 

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