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How to Be Brave …

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If wisdom cant help I don’t know what else can, however at a time like this, it would be rare for anyone to sit back, and have something that will exactly mean what it is we are currently feeling, which is the problem with losing steam in life, it doesn’t seem to arrive, what you need to hear when you need to hear something to set you back on track. We cant all be self-starters, but it will start with your own expressions, be forgiving and learn from that much in life, no matter how big or small you may feel, there is no such thing as permanency to intelligence, it’s a quality about yourself, that you can continue to build upon in life, just like relationships building trust, or figuring out one anothers pet peeves, insecurities if you can create stability in a union such as that that makes you that much more prepared in life, to handle any instability in life, not take personally the individual needs of others, that’s having your needs met, which might not be right now, which might not be next week, which might not be next year, but it is never too late to think about your future, no matter how terrible your present may feel. 

So if faith and spirituality is not your strong suit, if social issues are not your strength, if the past is not your friend, if romance is not your forte, then what else is left of you? Your brain, that happy place within that makes everything go right when youre feeling good, the reminder of your potential, the enthusiastic moment of finally getting the concept of life, we all come to terms at different points in life, when we are made to think about all of life, perhaps thats why people enrolled in the solar system class, I think there was one on campus, I didn’t think that big yet, how everything is connected, but it’s a wonderful moment when you want to know more, and it should generally be about things like that: travel, astronomy, politics, marriage, jobs.

Since we cant travel, then where are we now presently, reading tapping our legs, biting our nails, squinching our faces, quiet, easily upset, we have all been there, listening to someone waiting for the magic moment, a key point, that sets you off and running like a research rabbit (pun to company name: Task Rabbit), when you bop from one idea to the next, and go aha, I see what theyre doing, but they don’t really want you know exactly what everythings about, afterall if youre not happy with it, why should anyone be made to explain, what could be wrong with it. That’s the final straw, being okay with something, then trying to figure out whats wrong with it, and it can make you look at something in a completely different light, that’s why no one goes there on certain issues, but there isn’t always bright yellow danger tape across the issue, so just be careful, that may be the exact issue that is trying to be prevented, effect, and not in a special effects way, increase the value of an idea, it can do the exact opposite, make the bearer of the trait, or the composition feel futile, spent, and if they cant make it how will we keep going. 

So that much may require one to know this fact by “The human brain, it has been written, is an “anticipation machine, and ‘making future’ is the most important thing it does.” [1] So what is there to anticipate if we don’t know what the cause for a devaluation or overinflation of some interests, and the cause for minimizing other important concepts in life. This may be what the term trending is for, practice with a popular concept, name, or highlight, and hearing from different viewpoints, how an event or language is being interpreted and what kind of meaning can be derived from that input, either its something that you see or recognize upon reading something, or you can call it Autism, which means it just doesn’t make sense to you, not in a legal way, not in a technical way, not in a humorous way, not in a personal way, not in a political way, not in any way, you might just get a feeling from it, that youre not sure about it, doesn’t bother you, but not interested in it, that’s accepting what doesn’t make sense to you, but it was a good job that you recognized those discussions being held, whether or not it meant anything to you, or brought up some words from your own mind about it to share. 

So that withdrawal from anything you read or doesn’t register or process doesn’t mean that its not an important piece of literature, or written by someone whether or high standing or low standing in terms of job status, its someone sharing and it made sense to someone, so don’t allow the after effects to bother you so much, not everything in life was intended to be processed on a deeper level, in a permanent way, like philosophy, fun to think about, hard to be known for.

So while currently we don’t have a system for devaluing work, lets not start now on the basis of what we know presently, we could always know more about life, so trust the systems put into place, that doesn’t mean we will all start from the same standing, position on an issue, or have the same capability of disconnecting from its permanency, you are who you support in life, and while it may be allowed to have freedom of choice, in terms of what you decide to study, learn about, or be exposed to, there is a way of showing support, without affecting the integrity of any institution that takes care of everything in the immediate including those who have been directly affected by the presence of an issue, that most don’t feel limited by, have compassion.

What may be needed in the future? What is not built and why? First, if it’s a problem and your focusing on it, everyone has the x-men fear, that what is thought will happen, and while in your regular life, you understand immediately that what your thinking turns into words spoken, the less control you have over what is influencing you, the less capable you may appear to be trusted in terms of your own instincts or reservations, insights, its hard to listen to anyone who doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it seems to be the case that if there is something wrong with someone, they are not viewed as they are outside of their problems, why not to share your disabilities out loud, it will be for everything wrong with you, that will be the remembered focus of someone talking to you, so don’t allow anyone to talk you into mental illness, or cause you to believe that your condition is worse than it is, its by giving up under pressure, that nothing seems to make sense from you, so don’t elicit conversations with anyone, until you have figured out whats going wrong with you, and that’s feeling the pressure and negative feedback happening by what has happened to you in life, and not everyone is strong enough for that, no matter what is at stake, that’s not a selfish reaction for your energy to change, that’s having been defeated in a moment of peace, then expected to be blamed, in the event that you are not strong enough to continue to talk others through the process of recognizing that its no ones fault in the event that something bad happens, and not even anyone who supports prevention, if hurt. 

How was effective in combatting the issues inherent to systems already put in place, it thus becomes the focus for an error, or what is assumed to have gone wrong, to be suited for a review to detail if anything was said to cause anyone to not feel good about what is going on presently, I haven’t lost faith, so that is not something that I have ever encouraged in anyone, to believe that there is something wrong with them, or to outline mental health issues, like that’s something anyone needs to focus on, learning symptoms beyond what I have experience with in life.

So what makes for good reading? At a time like this what is needed is: “Comprehensive information about the probability, timing, and nature of a future negative event promotes more efficient allocation of these resources, but such information is rarely available owing to the inherent uncertainty of the future.” [2] Most people are focused on the positive, and aftercare at the time shared on FEMA Ideascale, seemed like an obnoxious rationale for providing comfort to others, it was not intended to mean clubbing everyone up on concepts, or for everyone to think the same, there is no such thing as one solution, but there is a such thing as people being made to feel good by others, and that’s a good example of who is capable of making others feel good, people with writing skills, who have the means to focus their time and attention to every detail in the form of book writing, and also means that they have the energy and stamina, to be read and understood by most, otherwise they wouldn’t write it or sell it, and it also means that everyone will grow more accustomed to not expecting everything to happen for them right away or for feeling good to happen instantaneously, most good feelings and good situations and good luck, occurs overtime, consistently working toward meeting a goal, and by the time you have accomplished a goal such as graduating, its in that tired state of giving it your all, that you can finally smile, and be worry free, its also a time, when you can get hurt. 

That was my idea. (2018) and because there were few simple book cover options, Im sure that became the impetus for tampering with the draft published online to include intimate details regarding my dating life which was not in existence, to make me seem like someone who responds to offenders or would try to represent an app Tinder by participating. I at the time did not view myself as having suffered because of what the name of the app and shop on my street matched that never entered my mind to be about me, and never thought twice to estimate in a comprehensive mental health way, how many people could easily view me as something Im not, or how many people could lose respect for me on the basis of what was being alluded to. I don’t see building a website as a defense to the construction paper chosen, and Im sure that becomes the joke afterward, that something was built, or something was thought to be about someone, or this was the cause for voices then, or now, and assume that it was something that everyone thought that was the cause of a changed mental health issue, and I hadn’t figured that much about life yet, to understand that anyone I don’t know knew me, or anyone had any high expectation of me, that was stymied by not seeing me as capable for helping others in a preventative type of way, which doesn’t mean for story or for use of my story for cause, that is not why a story is shared, and if its not an elixir, then it will be by personal facts that I am later attacked without remorse, treated as though my story is being used or viewed as something that everyone related to or anyone made upset by or serve as the basis for any war on any issues. 

That was something I already reported to Brady, before this last incident, I lived in Boulder (2003-2007), and discovered my academic potential as a student at their University and later went on to go to Law School. Whether or not you see me as smart, I had friends (my neighbors), I had friends that were women (who I met through my guy friends), and knew people from class, was not anyone who was center stage, recognized, or attended parties, or social events, I studied (5 hours everyday in the library and got straight As one semester!) 




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