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I recently looked up the definition  of “lighten up,” which according to merriam-webster.com means “to take things less seriously.” [1] When is it important to lighten up?

  • If there is a point that another is trying to get at, not tense up.
  • If there is something from the past waiting to be disclosed, feel uptight.
  • When there is something you have said that causes an unwanted pressure back.
  • When you have something to say of importance, but having difficulty speaking to it.
  • When you have encountered a set of feelings that make you not feel well.
  • When there is something bothering you, not to make a big deal about it.
  • When handling a problem so that it does not become a problem in the future.
  • After reviewing your own life, when trying to comprehend what others see too.
  • Not when the terms of the times require that you not mention specifics about.

A lot of life is about what is known, known about people, or known about life in general, if you can switch gears, and get back into a mode of enthusiasm for subjects that would be best. I think the trouble with problem solving out loud, is that it becomes not a good enough solution, and presents more problems than avenues for getting out of feelings, and instead leaves yourself or others made to have feelings about, which doesn’t leave things in the positive. That’s not how to view problems in life, as though they are unsolveable, the more you allow for the future to be made bettered by better understandings of what is of value now, the less room for error you leave for the counting of issues, the rehashing of issues, and the revisiting of issues past, which may not always provide solution for whats ongoing presently, to make light of. 

There are so many things to write about, the historical importance of new technology and what situations have been overcome by the advent of new technology, and how presently we have available new systems of support, in the immediate through projects like social media, in which there has been growing participation, which took many years to build and get going. Not everyone is comfortable speaking in public and while it may not be necessary to hear from everyone, there will always come a time in which something new will feel like too much, that’s not overinundation, that’s just not being prepared for processing, too many different ideas, and not having enough ideas of your own, with how to think about things, becoming too reliant on public opinion alone. I think the drive for information online, has a lot of potential in the future for growth, how we analyze facts, what facts we present, and the overall understanding that occurs when any set number of informations are made available for the processing of all. 

What makes mymollydoll.com unique from other websites? I think as a law student I have always done my best to manage data, whether that be my essays, writing for school, notes, Ive never been disorganized when it comes to studying, Ive always been someone to read cases, highlight, margin notes, brief every case read, read the textbook and the hornbooks or additional reading for further understanding, and even bought commercial outlines, just for example, to review what has been said or assembled, just to make sure that I was on track, and have taken notes every class and recorded lectures on my word documents, I used to use the spiral notebook looking notes where you can record and if you click on a part of the transcript you get the exact recording for that exact moment in which that note was written, Ive always been a good student. Its something that Im disciplined about, I wouldn’t say that at the time I recognized what I was doing as time consuming or arduous, Ive never viewed work in that way. 

So I understand, there is a such thing as knowing everything, and not knowing how to apply what you know, to your understanding of others terms specific to a different issue than what it is you have encountered in life. I get that. I get that you can watch the news, and know people, and never for a second think that anything is connected, or assume that there is some general leadership in terms of what to value about life or people for that matter, its not always something you need to be told to know what is important to you, or what is important to remember and keep track of. For example, 2018 I started free reading books, before that I only read for school, which took up the majority of my time, including taking unpaid positions as an intern or law clerk with the hope of one day being offered a paid position in law which occurred this year but was not ready to work yet, because of ongoing mental health issues “voices.”

I never thought that I would be able to graduate and work in law, which maybe is why I started blogging, it was too difficult to get a job 2008, so I went on to try to get a JD, which was never finished. By the time you start applying yourself in real life, away from school, there will be a whole host of other things you will wind up thinking about, hopefully you will be there for all the right reasons, a lot of people get weeded out of law school in their first year, I didn’t start doing poorly until my third year of law school, which was probably due to burn out and dating. 

So don’t take for granted your education, it is required that everyone goes to school for good reason, its not just a place to take care of children, if youre not working full time in your adult years, then by all means try to remember when you went to school full time, and played soccer. 

I guess what Im trying to get at, is to encourage everyone to leave that “constant collective psychosis of war.” [2] There will be competitive pressures, and I think when we overfocus on competition on a small scale, that leaves room for more internal stress related to the concept of how we are doing overall, as a Country, whats working, what there is to be proud of and how all of that affects, how you are feeling right now. It is shocking to think that the world is not a safe place, or that you have so many personal emergencies, and need so many protections for your identity, where you live, or how you are known online, that is very stressful, even for me. My best advice is that the more you think about it the more it will bother you, and the more you allow for things you think to bother you, the more room you leave for others to bother you, as though you think youre the only one not bothered, just to see what you have to say about life. 

So take it easy today, try not to get pi$$ed off before 5 o’clock, and make sure to watch TV. 


[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lighten%20up

[2] https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2019.00613/full

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