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Learning is a difficult experience for most, and while we may be good at some things, that doesn’t mean that we will be good at all things. There are no exceptions to becoming smart, it requires all of you, your best effort. I just read a comment by, who mentions this issue which does not apply to all relationships, notifying us that “Relationships that are de-energizing, constantly in conflict or codependent will feel stifling.” [1] What are the causes for co-dependency? For me personally, becoming needy of someone, is a reflection of ones own insecurities in life, which if you cannot buffer the other from feeling insecure, you may in turn become insecure about your own outlook, that’s upon focusing on anothers needs more than your own, don’t forget to think about yourself, youre important too. It happens a lot, for things to be going well, and for the other to feel withdrawn, that must just be the need that’s been met, feeling wanted, feeling love, getting the undivided attention of the other, just don’t turn into a character unlike yourself, to compensate for what it is that is lacking, the fight over composure, Im sure this doesn’t just happen to professionals, where Im assuming maintaining your smarts is essential to meeting the overall objective of getting things done. So what is the change occurring when you feel suddenly drained, we don’t all work in the same way, so if its not intimacy that is required for you to feel good, then don’t allow for that to seem like that’s what is needed in order to keep you around, it can end up causing things to occur for both sides in this way. 

Where there is a, “codependent relationships, [you will notice that the] balance is out of whack. One person gives, and the other takes. But importantly, both individuals need each other in order to feel “whole.” [2] Why does this happen? When things are good, its common to want to keep things this way, with expectation for one or the other to continue either being the same towards them, but that’s not life, people change, so do interests, and their perspective on life, while some grow and mature, the same may not occur especially for women, whos confidence is based upon their ability to be smart, not just based solely on their ability to read the other for interpretation, so the less work there is needed in order to perfect what is going right the better, this makes sense, how women in relationships get tired, irritable, not having the energy for competitions in life, and some walk away. Relationships should be easy, but theyre not. 

How might politics affect the stability of one anothers confidences in life, one may be at ease when the other is still learning or not yet arrived, paying attention to all the changes ongoing around them, whether that be to music, or film, technology, or humor, it will always be a continuing journey for those who work in the entertainment industry, to paint all the walls clean upon arrival of any new issues, and to repaint all the ceilings whenever faith is lost, that’s how a Country’s identity is maintained, not by painting life for those to live life, but creating a perfected version of philosophy not presently spoken, for those issues to subside, not rise. 

We may forgive but we will not forget, one of the key issues to take from what has gone well, before anyone begins to think about whats not going well and why. For what reasons do others express their grievances out loud, and what takes people to the point of self-harm, or fighting for that matter, which whether or not proves anyone in the wrong, it simply means that others are struggling to arrive to a feeling, without being helped through the process of coping, an uneasy feeling without resolution, is a cause for upset, the feeling that things are not okay, will not be okay, or are not well moving forward, so when all attentions become divided, and no specific interests have come into full gear, that’s not a good time to take a step back, and be led by your worries in life, or your past, they would ask you the same questions in turn, if you cant identify the causes for sickness, then  who will you blame, and you are situated to blame others, then what types of difficulties have you endured in life, that has so situated you to cast an opinion.

It has been recommended by, “By embracing forgiveness, you can also embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy. Consider how forgiveness can lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.” [3] Don’t you always wonder how people are so strong, or sound so smart, theres always something about them that seems tough, why have I not witnessed them going through anything that I have gone through, and why is it should I not arrive to any major points in life, get sick, before I have something to say, in that tone. There are stages to realizing life, and most of the good that’s happening, need not be discussed and that’s what makes people feel apart of understood, to recognize whats going well, and to have the energy and the time, to review everything drawn to things and enter that space of peace mentally, feeling like everything is going to be okay, and what is being said, is done so with tact, with also a finer understanding of the small term elements ongoing between people in relationships, between attorneys and their clients, or between blogger and their audience, some having experienced life in that way, while others were privileged not to endure, the same types of reactions, which is always something to get used to, one anothers wellness, you’ll be there too one day, it just takes time, and that’s the beauty of life, sometimes its all a matter of stepping into a room, and noticing that everyone is okay or everyone is not okay, like Staples Center. 

Learn to let go of all the obsessions with crime, conspiracy, that only escalates tensions between the well and the sick, blaming one or the other for not looking out for the best interests of the other. It will always be the sick that get left behind, and that’s a sad fact about life, they shouldn’t be made to defend themselves, or be held responsible for the feelings or reactions of others, as though they are connected spiritually in that way, one tow different playing fields.

What is the scope of problem that lies ahead between those who don’t see eye to eye, or don’t need one another? I think its best to leave people as they are, without needing to dive into everything you know, everything you have going for you in life, and all the feelings that get stirred upon being around anyone who doesn’t respect you, or encourage you to continue doing what it is that has kept you feeling centered, ie. Being social, you never know what anyone is thinking until you are off on your own, and speaking for yourself, realize that maybe had you been a little more sophisticated and put together, perhaps other would not be so hard on you. You cant focus on everything at once: learning, makeup, fashion, and career. There will always be tell tale signs, of discomfort, so if its anything to do about what the issue is they have arrived to, thinking that you don’t see it, don’t allow for yourself to be mislead by anyone, who is already making decisions for you, in terms of where to be and how to be. 

Im really proud of my SEO score, I haven’t learned SEO yet, something to work on, I am on a new platform WordPress, that Ive taken one course to get started on at General Assembly. I found a new interest in Tech, because I love to write, so if I can combine the two interests that would make a great job opportunity for me, the only issues being my mental health issues, which reoccur or go into remission, depending on whether I have discussed it out loud, or have identified what it was that was causing me to not sound smart or sound stupid. It always takes a long time to get back to smart, its called confidence, I just wrote two million words on, and have now been able to write for longer periods of time, it will always feel like anything I say if wrong, sets me back a few years in life, that’s just public speaking, you can either speak and make sense, or it becomes something that no one wants to hear bothered by.





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