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My road to recovery from mental health issues include the following:

  • Writing everyday, whether that be taking notes by spiral notebook, or computer/phone.
  • In the event of a mental health crisis, call my psychiatrist, 911, or go to the hospital.

What is not included online, may not be everything, there are some things you keep private, and that doesn’t mean by conversation or “voices,” that there is something wrong with me that is hidden from my audience, without visual proof of the work I am doing to stay well, in favor of everyones good health, which is not to be limited by formulas, or stories, as solution, correct.

  • Walking/running everyday, long distance running, or training for longer runs. 
  • Weight loss, this is to have more energy, keep up with appearances, to feel good.
  • Messenger, if my mental health permits, share my life, not my problems.
  • For everything important, I call the courts, or the police, or email #scotus now.
  • Emailing occurred because of what happened in August, I had to tell them everything.
  • Limiting the amount of personal information I share, where in the past helpful.
  • Attend meetings if I can by zoom or in person, get back in touch with a sponsor.
  • Find a psychiatrist that is willing to treat me, be in a condition compliant. 

I think as you get better, more things will come to mind and that’s a good thing, that doesn’t mean that you were not smart then, or smarter now, but from my experience, when not well, nothing seems to process well, moving forward, so if its something shared in therapy not write it down. It seems that if I describe my life as having occurred in that way it happens again, “voices,” even if I sound better, or have accomplished anything of value, is the risk to sharing as you go, what youre thinking, or where youre at in terms, or how you have come to view yourself.

I think a lot gets lost, in not feeling well, or not being trusted, so that occurs if I don’t respond well to getting voices, or in the event that I get voices, cannot adjust to anything having been said, which I find hurtful, so that’s not me giving up on myself, that’s me able to hear someone else talking to me, who I cant see, and that’s not anyone doing anything to me, to get me to talk about life, in a way that misdescribes me as being two people, or someone within not me.

I have always been myself, whether I have a face and a body to show for it, Ive never not been able to perform well in my life, in work or school its only recently, that if I cant get help or help myself well, that it then becomes an issue of whether Im able to help others, and to attack me based on what I have drawn, as not providing solution for myself, if I know myself well.

One hypothesis, is not going to give everyone the answers to all their problem, and usually when you see the big picture you should view everything in the positive that’s how things work out, configure, and later make sense, not by specifics, stories, or by reciting anything to oneself, based upon whats at issue, or found to be in error on my part, see how I respond if made scared or be accused or ever not taking good care of myself, and I don’t think anyone wins in that circumstance. When things are not going well ask yourself why. And if its something you seem fixated on, ask yourself why is that problematic to someone reading, for you not to feel well. 

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