When Life Becomes a Movie …

Theres nothing to be alarmed about thinking for yourself, that’s not selfish, nor is taking care of your own health, managing yourself in life in terms of setting goals, and sticking to what is working for you, and if all of that fails to make you a better person, don’t give up. We all have our limits, and there can be any number of justifications for establishing or re-establishing your cares in life, lets all hope that its coming from a good place, with the best interest to all at heart. There is no limit to success by a society that is coordinated to care and knows when to care, there is no stopping anyone from living a good life, if it is their intent to live a life they have dreamed to live, with friends, with love, with companionship, not necessarily occurring in that order. How long does it take to regroup post trauma, if you have ever been mislead by inputs or advices in life, youre not alone, how many time have we been told to do something and fail to do it, whether that be cleaning our rooms, getting a job, going to AA meetings, finishing community service. Life doesn’t stop for you, to remind you of what needs to get done to continue moving forward, it will be you that stop living life, that inhibits your ability to think thoughtfully and consciously stay in that moment, the moment when its quiet and nothing bothers you, there is some effort that is involved to arriving to that state of mind, which may not occur online by sitting Indian style on the floor in quiet, or in a yoga room, you arrive for the last 15 minutes of and lay on your back and then the class is over, Im one of those people, not purposefully stupid or funny to be around, just my timing tends to seem stupid, there is time to explain. If you have ever once recognized the significance of the experiences of others well enough to know that hurt exists, you instantly know that if you are not hurt, that means that you need to focus and be serious, its like duck duck goose, that doesn’t means called upon in a positive way always, lets not all AWOL agree to it that everyone knows whats best, and this is why advice is important, the kind of reassurances provided on Instagram.com/mymollydoll_, again seems stupid, but there is value in sharing how to think about things, from your own perspective say something that others would like to here, if they were in your shoes, or in your shoes what would have been nice to hear from others. Ive noticed since “world peace,” is always trending, when everyones moving freely and everyone is strong, that’s to be reminded of what to keep in mind, by designation of talking around me, that’s looking out for my best interests, to be aware of those around me, not to ignore the interests or moods of my surrounding community who is not to be affected by my success or lack of success or flyer demonstration for that matter, or where crime is coming from. It’s a very traumatic and unhappy period in time for most, lets agree to that. Which means when things were well, don’t also get upset about how things were, the times are different, so how people were to you then should not matter now, and to be equally understanding of how people are now, no matter what state of mind you are in, no matter how you are doing, no matter what has worked past, or what needs work now, you know your limits in life, they may not. 

What are some key prevention tips in common understandings:

  • What we see and react to, in turn becomes apart of us, a script either defended or put aside in light of the needs of another, or with respect for ourselves, not self-aggravate.
  • Demonstrations past with recognition for the necessity of Country representation to not allow for incidences to occur to establish a pattern or thinking or reaction okay.
  • Know your own script, who is involved, and make sure that your story is not the reason for the reactions of others, or to be used, to cause aggravation to the choices of others.
  • Respect how you are treated in life, whether that’s for insight to you or to outside of you.
  • Take responsibility for your actions, or inaction in life, all of which you are judged by.
  • For everything you say, a later meaning if derived, whether or not making more sense to you or others, will always be used to make more sense of what you have said previously.
  • If in the event that you are not strong, to notify who is strong, that you are not strong.
  • If you are capable of recovering and getting strong again, do so, but within reason.
  • Never give up when you are tired, if you are in a position of leadership, requires you to keep going in life, whether at a snails pace, like a machine typing, or slow disoriented.
  • Always be honest of your technical footing, that is your education, does what you have to say strike importance to now, and if a topic recommended state so chosen. 
  • There will always be time to be social, even if you don’t feel like right now, in this moment, always leave room for the potential for a more social existence, no matter how challenging or difficult your life has become, made more difficult by discussion of the past, experiences past, exposures past, all of that will be used to judge you presently.
  • Have you acknowledge who has been sued or no longer here, do you recognize the importance of living your own life, are you doing anything or saying anything that anyone can sue you for, or blame you for, at what point did you recognize others passing.
  • The minute you recognize others passing, is when to call 911, which I did first 2008, in addition I messaged the White House website, the minute I noticed any unusual activity around me, whether or not it was because my car was used in a Youtube video. 
  • Recognize the past as a utensil for determining the likelihood of whats at issue now, is your property here or missing, is your property viewable to the public how so, is your picture online how many, what have you written and saved, do you have a permanent copy of all your work, how have you saved your work over the years, when have you lost work, and what were the causes for those losses, and how were you affected by the loss of intellectual property and law school notes, did you get sick.
  • The end way of looking at things will be viewed in simple terms, will look at a pattern past, with expectation for a reaction present, to group you as being the same as.
  • The easy way of seeing things, is without faith, without heart, and sometimes can occur in the negative, if that’s a way that makes people feel better, to not acknowledge you experiences in life having been real or of essence, to say that you were in a condition past that allowed for it, to then bring into question your life prior to to say that it was the type of lifestyle you lead, that caused those things to happen to you, without remorse. 
  • Is there a natural way of viewing things, do you represent that and how so, therefore are you someone who would say anything to cause for a denaturalization of thinking about life, or circumstances, to create more or less approvals for self or others. 
  • When does it become your responsibility to care for others, what are the age differences, what is an allowable number of hours to spend working each day, and know who are you working for, to what expectation are expected of you to perform to.
  • Are you aware of how smart you are, are you aware of when you are stupid, do you know what is causing that change to occur, are you being compared to anyone else in life and why, is it because of what you are doing with your life, or by what you are saying that is causing you to sound different or more or less sound like yourself.
  • Do you recognize when you are reading, that the voice of the person writing will not sound like the voice of the person reading, nor will it feel the same or sound the same coming from someone else, who will not know what the timing and tempo of your heart sounds like, or what is buried in your heart, the causes for a tone change around another. 

These are some things I think about as a public speaker, something I have been working toward for 8 years, learning how to speak not to be important, but in the event that I undergo a life crisis, I avoid the risk inherent to talking about myself, to make whats about me food for thought for the memorizable patterns and ways to think about life as applied to me and my life, not give anyone the power to make happen for me in life, how they have interpreted life to be, situate me in a feeling of blame, that’s not complacency that results or determination, that results in a loss of motivation, not standing up to anything personal is what happens upon an insult that is intended to redirect your attentions to within, figure out what is wrong with you, not to insult you by saying something that is not true about you, and is not something that you have talked to them about or asked for help with, that is coming to identify yourself, your sexuality, or help to make career decisions in terms of what you are capable of, not everyone can innately say things to make you feel good and that’s competition, all the mumbles, all the yeah heck why nots, and all the Im not sures. 

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