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If its not about you, that becomes the missing interpretation based off of what was going well, not based upon you in life, seeing you as a later happening, and a lot of life can be viewed in that way, either you support others in life, and the characters they play, or you become consumed by who you think you are being compared to in life, viewed as a lesser version of the two. So while it may have been okay for everyone else to shed light on what they think is important, should I investigate the past of my own life brought into question, I get outed as being investigative of others which I am not, I value others, which help is the reverse of not admiring whats been done, its in light of my own creative spirit, not allowing for understandings to be limited for use by those in tech, to compete with a system of thought that was never intended to chastise, punish, enlighten, or create waves in favor of some in life. That’s not the purposes of film, film is for everyone, its to capture what we do like, its more than a painting, it’s a complete picture of a world we can envision for ourselves, not what we are not capable of achieving in life. Two main concerns are: Demonstrations, Articulations.

If you don’t interpret it in that way then one should not be insulted by anothers expression of what makes sense to them. Whereas if you are insulted, that feels like someone is trying to tell you what they think is important, based upon who they think knows you or doesn’t know you in life, so with regards to my literature review recently, its about why are some celebrated, for chastising Facebook, by the President of our Country, who I flew to DC to help and spent two weeks, brainstorming, how to help who needs support and inspiration, where to start, and while another Author, then commented on half of my nationality, and then found a similar terms in another book with regards to a law. So I get that much, Im half Pacific Islander (Asian). 

When is it too late, its too late when someone views your expression as not sincere, or thinks that what you have to say or express is a demonstration of terms about something it is not, and that’s someone trying to tell you how it is in life, and that amount of force is not always necessary to make you seem like you don’t recognize losses, if you are made sick, or left talking about yourself, which is not in recognition of what someone else may be thinking reading your writing, which is the tone that is lost, sounding like you are talking to others or trying to help others, and well if you cant help yourself, then made to sound like you have problems or issues, for interpretation by others, that makes it seem like you’ve not moved on or recognize whats important. 

If its not your issue yet, this is how issues then become the issues of people who don’t have an issue with an issue yet, if they think that your issue is with movies, sexuality, or respect, and its on those bases that a disrespect occurs, where your expressions are not viewed as genuine or with care for the best interests of all which is not allow for a war to be waged, on the basis of expressions, or view any expressions as not good enough. What is too late, is once the free flow of ideas ceases, and when all later expressions, are not know from what sources of information made known are causing for a certainty of attitude toward someone as though it is their fault for what people think of them or for where they end up. I don’t think getting in trouble means that everything is my fault, if it was my fault I would not be here today writing, and would be somewhere else, but if you sound like you are not on board, or slow, then its everything you do and say by who is reading, that is waiting for something to be said that demonstrates that you have personal cares that are either affecting your interpretation or reading beyond, what the terms are of anothers expression favored over your own making fun of a moment when you felt sick being showed Youtubes, then treat you as though you don’t have something of value to share or say (thats feeling the insult without knowing what its about), and that’s getting played in your own town, why people are distant toward you and you are not well, it will be in your down moments, that others will feel above you thinking that your stuck state, or state of depression makes you think you are tougher than you are, or are trying to be someone more important than you are, or tell you how it is, on the basis of where you are in life, the level of education attained, or issues highlighted try to blame you as though that wasn’t the life you lived, and everything you were okay with and everyone that was okay with you. It will be by your reactions, where you go, how you talk, what you say, that will determine the people you meet in life and later come to know. And that’s how tight professionals are in terms of what they allow themselves to be exposed to and what not. 

Regarding, self-harm, face changes, medication, self-injury, and moment of beauty. Its not being respected, or having been viewed to take things too far, what the causes for not being a good decision maker, will be thinking things are okay that are not okay, and whether thats by your own judgement caused or by the manifestations of communication by others represented of you without you knowing it, can also be the cause of your later disillusionment, so its thinking you will be upset, and not being upset but offended, and many years later realizing or recognizing all the special protections paid for everyone except for me, and me being supported by a select few who knew me before I got in trouble or ever tried to help anyone or everyone. So if Im taking filter photos thats not because I did not view myself as pretty those were my only options, and if I video and was not viewed to be feminine that was me warming up to being filmed and also speaking without preparation. It takes time to speak without practice, research, or an attorney, or an audience or friends or a companion that replies. And this is the risk inherent to others knowing who you like, for you to be treated as the lesser of the two, or for them to be supported and for you not to be supported, and thats women fighting over men and hurting you. If I did not love them I would not have liked them back, and those are the two men I could have married, who I did not stay well with bipolar in order to marry and did not find anyone else instead, or stay well enough to date.

I recently got a copyright for my website, one post, cannot copyright all of it, and my pen name. I also have recognized all the insulting later reactions for everyone that thought beyond the words in my pen name. If the end result viewed is as not being supportive of others, then thats thinking that I dont have a good handle of concepts or have not lived a successful life absent minded what anyone else was thinking brainstorming with how to address the fact of me being in law school, which was viewed not to have been for myself or for others, and was not to be important, or to be better than, its because I was a great student, and its not my fault if other women want to be in the spotlight, that simply means that Im not important enough to be paid attention to and also means not to bother anyone, who does not view my problems as important, going by everyone else.

I used to read zoom books when I was little, the pictures you put you face up to pull away to see an image.

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