What I Need to Work On …

To maintain positive rapport with everyone: 

  • Love one person, and not bounce in the event of flirting.
  • Allow for who I love to be in the spotlight, not disempower by my odds.
  • Not talk about the past in a way that makes anyone look bad.
  • If I have left previously, wanted, not leave a good situation, be not wanted.
  • Not go out alone, and solicit for any attentions, be playful online only.
  • Continue to call police, for all my delayed reactions, so no one feels bad. 
  • Let people be free to be happy, sad, not push anyone to their upper limit.
  • Be understanding, allow myself to be misunderstood, try to improve.
  • Stay healthy, its okay if I cant push myself right now: video, photo, walk everyday.

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