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If it wont matter in four years, then maybe its not something you need to worry too much about. Driving down my street today I thought I saw Bruce Willis. Checking on all the action huh? My life does feel like an action movie, most of the time, unless Im not feeling well, underperforming, or not at my best, which was a new phase in life I was hoping not to last for long. But that’s being known, the energy of others will always feel stronger than your own, and maybe that’s just being a woman, not as physically strong as others, with less people looking at you in life, I don’t think that’s a bad quality about a person, something to look at. Recently, before anything bad happened, I felt like giving up, second guessing myself, not feeling confident, easily bothered, drained, in bed all day, not running everyday, with no tests positive for anything, clean as a whistle. So Im not sure what that is, if its not pressure from having done anything wrong, then I wouldn’t be able to explain whatever weight was put on my in life to explain, and Im sure its not something going on in my head, and not going to waste the time to discern what was going on in someone else head, upon looking at me, that made them feel like the sky is the limit. When theres no going back, which is not now, will be a feeling received upon a change in you, deemed to be something being changed about you, to communicate an interest personal, not having to do with you, or to be more like, or less like the mean average, trying to differentiate yourself, from among the rest. We cant all be proud at once, for just one persons progress, there will be a lot residing on whether or not to approve of someones progress with regards to whats going well or not going well for the majority, which I am hoping has not been as dramatically impacted as I have given recent events, and I think that was the point, to combatting violence, to create less social responsibility for the advent of violent acts, and not to encourage anyone with a fine tooth comb in life, to rattle the better senses of anyone, who is getting a hang of things subject wise, what gets people going, and what stops people in their tracks. For the most part it will be attachments, whether distances created by class, age, ability, intelligence, reputation, its always best to leave everyone just as they were, not to change people simply to demonstrate or communicate anything about a society overall as having been affected or not affected, that’s something you don’t need to communicate to everyone, where you are at spiritually, or what you think of anyone Best Friend growing up, having lived on Rockingham. So this is not a come up with something to say for myself, this is coming up for good cause, having overcome my hurdles in life, and not yet having a resistance to any public attentions, afraid of what anyone has to say who does not know me, and maybe that’s my default, able to talk to everyone, but not inspired by the same reasons to keep digging at me, which I am assuming is for guilts, not for pleasure, or for information, not for dislocating the best interests of all, who are generally accepting and patient of those who are coming forward in life, who don’t have the time, to sit back and watch life happen, everyday, have to put forward an effort to stay motivated, in spite of what has gone wrong past, and that’s not always the responsibility of anyone who think is in a position of importance, you think because they know more about life, or have live more life than anyone who does not seem like they are put together or mean well, which would be me. Not everyone is given as hard of a time as me, and Im not sure why that is, or because of whos dream more favored than my own dreams in life to have a paid job, write for a living, not necessarily to be known or given any permissions in life to be some way that not all people are able to be, themselves. Whats the upper limit to respect or disrespect? Its when something bad happens you really start to think about whether it okay to blame people for things going wrong, or companies, or brands for that matter, whether the good luck and positive rapport bestowed to one, should be dismantled, to preserve what that is going well? Gun violence and disease? I don’t think preserving what peace there is, requires the outing of anyone, on what basis should that be important top a reader, who I don’t coddle, molest, flirt, dumb down, baby, or shelter, Im not anyone who uses my femininity to make things seem like they are okay when they are not, Ive always been a strong person, not a needy person, so if you have a wife, then you obviously don’t need me, and if you don’t need me, then don’t hurt me, and if you are willing to talk to me, then be nice to me, but I owe no one no favors in life, just as no one owes me any favors in life, to defend me, support me, or make me look more or less good or bad on the basis of the status of the health of women in the majority, who are not bullied, picked apart, invaded, or searched on the basis of trying to punishing me, physically by computer, to favor their own insights and that’s what entitlement is, people thinking they have the right to take or review work, before its complete or stop anyone from appearing well or working or getting married on the basis of what they think they have done wrong. I have never misrepresented anyone in my entire life, everyone I know is successful and doing well, as should I, no one I have ever met in my entire life has ever been harmed by me, the state of emergency did not occur for me until age 35, where I am non-stop writing, working, building, completing, moving forward, and not quitting, because if I quit then things don’t work out for me, then I get voices, then I burn out, and then what progress will have been lost at that point, or lives for that matter? Who were more or less relying on me to make a full recovery from mental health issues, not waste time, being beat up in life because of who I am what race I am, the status of my closet (which was all Target 2017, no clothes). So shopping means being put together, and being put together means being treated well, and appearing well means being reassuring to all, and being smart means getting a job, getting paid. 

Today my IMDb score is 437,700 and Justice Robert’s IMDb score is 464,436, both in the Green!

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