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If it’s a crisis youre responding to, my best advice would be to let the dust settle, and to allow someone in a leadership position to respond first, to avoid the risk of overreacting, or saying the wrong thing, and then being held to something you felt or understood, which turns out later not not be a big deal. That’s avoiding trouble, the tendency is when you say how you feel and if no one agrees with you, or sees what you are trying to say as helpful, be viewed as causing more harm than good, don’t relate to the wrong sides in life, there is independent review, group review, and gossip, whats more important is that you don’t contribute to gossip in a PR way, that’s allowing for the time to elapse for independent review and group review, to determine what is the best way forward for everyone to look at something, not just take on an individual perspective, where things don’t work out in the favor of one, be applied for all to understand from the perspective of things not working out, the shoes you have are valuable, so don’t put yourself in the wrong shoes in life, and make your understanding more difficult than need be. How to prepare in the event of backlash? If its something you’ve said, there is nothing you can do if someone else is convinced to see things in a way that makes most sense to them, should you empathize with them, probably not if they do not see you as someone who is helping. It will always be based on characters past that people try to rationalize a big perspective that screams history, and whether you have a common understanding of the fortitude to which things can go wrong, if its not an incite that you are having yet, to remember the struggles of others in terms of genocides past, then maybe you aren’t the typical Jewish girl that they thought you were, or the typical Filipino they thought you were half immigrated due to Marshall Law, but maybe those are identifying factors for appreciating where they are now, such as your parents, who would never complain about how their lives are, so do your best to live a good life too, not one held in the bounty of interpretation for you to be something symbolic of losses past, which I still cant comprehend, why anyone would think in that way about me, or anyone I know. -I couldn’t have been on a stronger team in life, the sister-in-law to Skylar Grey who sang with Eminem at the Grammys, who is connected to Dr. Dre (one of the founders of Rap Music), and Harvard. What does that mean, maybe I represent a lot what is going well for people, but like all people, it is possible to be brought down in life by attachments, and that’s really no ones fault, for any one of us, to not be seen as leaders in thought, whether that be through music, writing, or schooling. So that’s the pain: headache, throat burn, physical pain, and loss of motivation, it will be because of what you represent in life, that will be what is attacked, to make you not feel good about yourself. I haven’t dated in years, I identified with myself well, I think in companionships, you are made to feel good or not feel good by others, and its when another is made to not feel good by you, that you get blamed as being the source for their misunderstanding, if Im not going down in life, and only up online, then that must mean that Im not below anyone, or bringing anyone down in life, and must not be the cause for a loss of respect, yet. That was graduating from Law School this year with a 3.2, from a top tier Masters Program in Law, the science of law, I prefer legal research and writing, received an A in Advanced Legal Writing, the best grade in my class, and a Witken Award. What does that mean, like all people was affected by Gun Violence, why I left Law School, I think everytime I have stopped to acknowledge what code could be about, Ive had a bipolar episode, that’s being overly conscious of what other people think or how things look, and everytime I think that way about life, I get sick. It actually affects your appreciation for how things are made, what things are about, and aware of where people are coming from. It may be fun for everyone to play around with their image, but you will not know or understand the causes for change, until you are made to change, either because of what someone else thinks, or based on how things are going for you in life, made to change, so that things get better for you.

Photo Chosen: I once bought purple headphones, which did not symbolize world peace until Lebron James played for the Lakers. So that was me experimenting with being looked at or shouted at, they got the joke. I think I was in public, for a review of reactions to me, which should always be the basis for improving, to not be responded to in the negative, so if that later happens for you, it becomes perpetual, so it takes one person, then it continues, so long as you brace yourself for it, that is how you get treated, if you try to be confident, it can also happen upon being well, then that ends up being the factor for attack, how you appear compared to others, so it will be based on someone who is not controlled by people, who seeks to change you, to see what others think upon a change being emitted from you, noticeable to people, that makes them feel like they have power over you or people for that matter, to get close, change you, and thats what makes them feel important, to either be apart off your life, influence you, be heard through you, or for you not to do well having known them. So thats the risk in interacting privately with people, who do not recognize how far you have come, and thats not a feeling you can expect to be nurtured by your surroundings, who have to be well for themselves. So the benefit of living in a wealthy neighborhood, is that most people are strong and playful, light up for one another, thats them being confident, and them not having to worry about others, doing well for everyone.

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