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There isn’t anything more gut wrenching, than when things are going well, to talk about things as though they are not going well, or based on how things were past. It will be a discussion of the past as though it was ever lived not in recognition, of what has gone wrong, treat the present as though no one presently, has recognized what has gone wrong, and whether or not that is on your tab, of things to improve upon, that will be the most painful thing about moving forward, is to not recognize when it is good or when one realizes that they have it good in life. The cause for a separation of interests, can occur on that basis, who is doing well, has moved on, or by who does not feel like things are good, seek to register the comprehension of someone who they deem has not yet processed, events on a full scale of what could have gone wrong, or what is going wrong presently, not well among those who have already processed events. 

For example,, describes a “separation of interests,” as the following: “the Separation of Insureds provision applies to suits between insureds. It states that the policy applies separately to each insured that is the subject of a claim or suit. This provision ensures that if Insured A sues Insured B, the policy will apply to Insured B as if Insured A did not exist. That is, an exclusion that applies to Insured A won’t automatically apply to Insured B as well. If the policy did not apply separately to B, exclusions that are relevant to A might eliminate any coverage for B.” [1] How does this apply to me, or to anyone who is not sure of people in life, it can make or break the difference, between whether you are someone who was put together all along, at what point have you suffered, and what are the reasons for you doing well, and is the basis for which you are doing well have to do with others, and is the basis for others doing better have anything to do with you doing better, how and for what reasons, are the cause for wellness, and at what point do those interests again become severed, upon getting sick, or being sick, or being put on more medication, and by discussion of what subjects, preclude you from being able to recover what interest you had, the basis for doing well, and perspective in life, aided or assisted in the betterment of your position with regards to what was thought of you, or think was done with the intent to harm you, or make you seem apart of that type of communication, whether by dress, demeanor, photo, language, name, infer you to be someone who has either traded in a position for a better position, has been selected on the basis for communication, or has been hurt on the basis of who you are connected to by name, and what those names mean to someone who is reviewing your connections in life, choosing to not support you, on that basis. 

It will always be too late, by the time the harm is caused, and the beauty of life, is that people being upset with you are made to later be proud of you, thinking that they are still apart of your life, even if its in a negative way that you have been affected. What makes a sell-out? A sell-out is anyone who has lost faith in you, and has decided to punish you in public, to see what you are affected by, what you are later made to defend yourself in fear or, in recognition of, or by idea, made to think about, taken personally, and in terms of what are you made to take personally. What makes you a winner? A winner is someone who in spite of what is said or made to be known about them, does well anyways, that’s my personality, I may not be the best at everything, I may not be married, I may not be the prettiest, and I may not be the smartest, but I have never expressed anything I have cared about without regard to what others think, that’s not my nature, to correct anyone, to shame anyone, to blame anyone, or to embarrass anyone. If it’s the mischief of another, who seeks to appear as cute or noteworthy, then that’s the cause for a public shaming of someone who they have met intimately and who do not see the value in until a later happening of recognition of them, their intelligence, and value becomes known, like an SEO score, a new website, an old website put back up by Weebly, or a green tie, to put out the heat. That means to recognize that everyone is struggling, and maybe take into account that philosophy, is based upon what is made and made available to work with, not just in thinking is smart made, that part of being smart, is not to offend anyone, put anyone down, or cause cancer. What is cancer? It’s a condition inherited, as a result of being viewed as the lesser of the two, taking over the body cavity, of a human being whos intent is to restore the health of others, like a Doctor, or a Woman, whos body cavity is instead mistaken to be the lesser of the two, exposing themselves, or attracting negative attentions, the holder, of a condition of bad luck, to be consumed by those molecules in life, which is to take away what from another who does have faith. So that’s a Woman inheriting a lesser condition, who stays home, and a Man who inherits a lesser condition, of the result of a Daughter who is online blogging, who gets treated poorly, by whom? If it cannot be identified the cause for a lesser condition, then who is to blame for a lesser condition being caused to a person, a Woman or a Doctor? Is it by rumor or philosophy proven? 



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