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How many times are we told something we don’t want to hear? We wont feel like pushing ourselves always, this is when to consider the feelings of others, that although we may feel okay, there is always the chance of someone not being okay with what we have to say in life. Usually when we are struggling, is when we get pushed, and when we get pushed are told things that we may not recognize in the immediate as being wrong with ourselves.

I think during COVID, its okay to keep busy, but dont push yourself too hard just to move forward. Do what makes you feel good, and try to be less critical of yourself, and/or others, that’s not the solution. [1]

It can be incredibly painful to think of everything in terms of how someone who may not be on board with what you are doing with your life, think from their perspective. That’s my current issue, blogging, whether this is my career writing, or whether I need to take on more responsibility in life and start working. I think at the moment its best to take it one day at a time, seeing that I already struggle with mental health issues, that make those close to me, seem half sure about me, that’s a sign to continue to work on myself. I think with a blog, its easy for others to say it’s the blog causing me mental health issues, like blogging is some form of a scapegoat for explaining whats not going well for me in life. I think Im an incredibly successful blogger. Im very proud of my stats, rank, and following. I worked hard to earn a following and get likes, that took two million words written on Weebly, just to write and launch a blog that no matter where I write in life, am followed and read, that’s a huge accomplishment to me. 

This life is what you make of it, so while everyone may not be on board with you, its important to at least be on board with yourself. Setting goals, staying determined, feeling motivated. What are a few signs that you may be pushing yourself too hard? According to, “taking offense (too easily),” [2] is a sign that your pushing yourself too hard, which explains, how unsolicited advice in life can seem more painful than is apparent to whoever is trying to get through to you in life. You know, not everyone will know whats in your best interests. Not everyone will be happy for you, and not everyone will support you, that’s just a fact of life. Everyone wants to control you when well, and everyone wants to shout at you when sick. 

That’s just life, being sensitive, sometimes our needs are met, and sometimes the smallest errors in life, can be blown out of proportion to mean something else to someone, not knowing you, expecting you to rise to some occasion, or impression, misunderstood to be self-betterment, for more attentions than is necessary to stay afloat in life. I don’t think that attention, suits most people, if it’s a project you are working on, one glance should be enough, if its daily attention, there need not be anything addictive, or concept mandatory, in order for anyone to feel with it, or on top of it, to me that’s an unnecessary demonstration of intelligence, to require a daily study of just one persons thinking, in order to accept or reject them on the basis of what they have to say each day. There will be good days and bad days, and not all your days spent educating yourself, and reading, will make you an expert in your field overnight, so just be patient with yourself.

It’s a new era in technology, with social networks booming, medical advancements, prevention techniques shared and analyzed out loud, advocacy groups doing their part, its not everyones job to take care of everyone, it is your job to take good care of yourself, and if you’re a blogger, its even more important to stay healthy, seeing that the number of people who do know you is more than the number of people who know you in real life. Stay well, and never give up. 




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