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If you have some understanding of history, you are aware of the many cases in which people are convinced of things that later take their lives. Either resulting from being spiritually connected to a person who appears to be all knowing, who actually sees you as stupid, and themselves as smart, I think if you are being conditioned to feel good about the wrong things or ideas in life, its easy to be mislead to think that is the solution to your problems, or be convinced a higher calling exists with a specific intelligence, that’s above others, I don’t think any time period ever had everything exactly right, there will always be moments when things work out or don’t work out, but never allow yourself to be convinced that things will not work out, when things are okay MADE to believe that things are not well on the basis of anyone trying to convince you that life or experiences in life, need to be sheltered or exposed closed off to situations as though people can change you, or hurt your sense of solidarity in purpose in life which should be to live life and get along with everyone and to think defensively, so be careful of what energy or happenings in life get sent to your corner in life, that’s not your burden to help, but it is your burden to stay well, that’s not how people are made to be important, by their ability to convince people to do things for themselves in life with a promise that they will feel good doing what they are told to do with their life, in order to feel good, you should be able to feel good without needing to think anything to feel good, or see anything for that matter, its not the song or film that will change you, it will be in your disconnect from song or film when you stop appreciating the value of things, property, people, careers, experiences. So what is one way to stop the repetition of actions and responses, I think it would start with not reacting or responding directly to happenings, and to be able to be strong absent minded whatever outside influences or specific acts or words are being told, without needing to read about it, to pick up on what the present issue is, the right ideas and thoughts should come to mind when it comes to making yourself feel good, it will not be by attentions in life that you will be made to feel whole, its when you have something to say that reminds others not to be afraid of what lies in others, or what lies within, if exposed or shared, can change how they feel on the outside, or what they look like based upon the thoughts of others in sight of them. Its something I think you learn later in life, what it means to notice people, what it means to talk to people, what it means to write to people, what it means to read a book, don’t wait until its too late, to be in control of whatever is going on within, make sure that what you vocalize, even if its something youre not okay with, be made to feel bad, as though you are responsible for what is done to you, what is said about you, or what is thought of in terms of who you are, where you come from, what you represent, whether you are helping or hurting the peace or the ability for others to maintain the peace in their communities, and even if it means that you get stressed out, sick, feel tired, feel like giving up, can maintain a positive pace, or change, hopefully you will still remember to be yourself, absent minded whatever is going wrong, and also be aware not to say anything, to change a positive condition in another, no matter what they believe to be true about you, seeking to convince others, you are not who you say you are, you are not well, or you are at fault, on the basis of your condition alone, a cause for any loss of faith, or justify any belittlement of you. If youre a woman, with a big heart, then you are not going by smarts, or social status, popularity, or in problem solving mode using your head, that’s being okay with yourself, at ease, and someone not being okay with you, trying to cause you to second guess what you are doing with your life, in blogging, and that’s how hate is spread, that’s how rejection occurs, that’s how you get treated as insecure, or not tough, that will be by who feel like they are being rejected by you, not appreciated by you, and then disrespect you, as though you think youre above them, and that’s loving people, being nice, and anyone who is not feeling loved by you in a physical way, to then treat you as stupid, put you down by insult. The more you let go of in life, the less anyone street can make you feel like your not going to make it on the basis of what they are trying to scare you with, like you don’t care. #bazelon, when I interviewed 2011, with a job, I expressed my concerns to them, only 2 losses at the time, and led one funeral on Facebook, made a page for his friends, not invited to his funeral. 

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