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If you haven’t heard this yet, everyone loves you, you just need to love yourself. Set goals for yourself in life that will bring you closer to getting what you want in life: job, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and until then please don’t be so hard on yourself, we have all been there in life, alone, most of us spend most productive hours in life on our own by ourselves, that’s normal to feel lonely from time to time, youre not alone. We all go through phases in life.

What is friendship for? To me friendship means being a stable person, who is successful with fun things to talk about, who you enjoy being out in public with, and represent one another well. As a law student, I was always hoping to get a job, to have some life away from home, and be able to get back in touch with old friends, and have positive things to say about myself. I think the longer you prolong the time period, between being alone working on goals and staying in contact with old friends, the harder it becomes to re-connect, so don’t wait too long.

What are relationships for? If you have the time to get to know someone new, that’s a good time to give them your undivided attentions, someone that you can be yourself with, who you feel good by, who gives you positive attention in life, and vice versa, are made to feel positive too.

Your audience? If you’re a blogger, or a business person, working in a profession, that requires you to be able to speak fluidly, without too much mention of things personal, then that’s you being confident and in your area of expertise able to understand and comprehend the other, without assuming or interpreting any communication to be romantic, or judgmental. That’s having an undivided interest in helping the other, or communicating with another to get whatever job there is to get done done, that’s being okay with people in life. Respect wise, in working relationships, it also doesn’t mean that you are required to read into things too much, not be self-conscious, not freeze, be able, able to focus, and not stuck thinking about something else in life, your life outside of work, or discuss your life outside of work, inside your work. 

What is blogging? Blogging is working in public, whether you realize it or not, how many people with actual jobs, actually put all the things they do at work online, I might be the only person who does that, tack board, backend, and brainstorming in handwritten notes online. Whereas usually those who perform online, just post the finished product, not all the mechanics that went into making a good post, such as the number of ideas, or thoughts before a decision is made on what to post, and for what reasons, what is the method of communication, and from what thought is basing the communication itself, intending to be about. And this is how important your story is, your story is pretty much viewed as the subconscious to everything else that you write about or communicate, so don’t be intimidated by anyone in the process of writing, what you think your speaking to, and what they think your speaking to, if you tell your story, or share moments from your life, about you, or others, why not to personalize your writing too much, so that it doesn’t just work for you, and can also be applied to the lives of others, work for someone else, who is trying to understand how to see things, and set a good example online. 

The newcomer? If you’ve been online, and you think that everyone knows you, they don’t. So understand that while you think you’ve said everything you need to say to be comfortable, that doesn’t mean that you can just change, or get too comfortable speaking, speak as though every post is the first post being read, that would be my best advice. Its an everyday interpretation of you is what matters in getting to know you, and it will most likely be a newcomer, finding your blog, who will expect more of you, or a better demonstration of what it is that makes you special, or why anyone else has decided to follow you, be made to understand or comprehend what there is to know about you, and what there is to like about you. I was just talking about this today, the importance of setting a good example. It will be something that you can see that is complete, that upon reading feels and looks complete to you too, that’s how an influence is made, onto another, what can be viewed, what can be felt, and what can be thought, and that’s then is the basis of your value, as a blogger, influencer, or writer, how complete the other feels. 

Whats a collaboration? A collaborated effort is not always a noticeable difference in mass communications, or individual ones at that. Most people will not openly collaborate with you, its not the type of communication that someone picks up and goes oh this is exactly it. Im going to use this, to communicate exactly this. That’s not how a collaborated effort to communicate occurs, by specializing the influence to mean something without saying exactly what that means, so be careful not to expect to be understood, or run the risk of being misunderstood, as not in collaboration with the efforts of others to communicate. There is no better way to say that you care, if you are a public figure, then to say that you care and why and on what basis. An unwanted collaboration, is when there is something that someone likes, if they assume that something that someone likes was influenced by someone that someone does not like, and this can happen with men or women, a turn off to occur, it will occur on the basis, of your likes and dislikes in life, and not everyone has the same threshold of confidence in life, to be associated to anything that someone does not like, to understand that a mistreatment can occur on the basis of who you are, what you represent, and who identifies a characteristic upon looking at you that they think is similar, or from a characteristic or trait that is found on someone more noted. Which is why its important, to be yourself, go by what you approve of, that doesn’t mean that you need to become what is approved or what is liked by others, seem similar or just like. 

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