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I think starting a new blog, in my own name is important, I think there is too much room for error in interpretation, to be viewed as someone writing for others, or for writing pretending to be someone else, who is pretty, well liked, and positive, I thought that I was all of those things, its become clear that if someone else thinks that they are all of those things, then you run the risk of not feeling like all of those things in life, made to feel like you are not being yourself, with a pen name, to demonstrate another issue, when it comes to names, and what ethnicity, race, class of people, you represent, and what your pen name means to you, to be generic. 

I think generic terms suit the best interests of all, not to size themselves up in comparison to others, intelligence wise, or body type wise, I think its helpful to be supportive of all people, who maybe identify with the issue, of not wanting to be judged based on what they look like, I think if youre a nice person, most people will like you not be bothered by you, I think in the alternative, if someone does not feel good, based on what you look like, that’s not also jealously, and could be something that they are made to think upon looking at you, not everyone will be attracted to you, and this you may learn the hard way as a girl, that if a man is not into you, or doesnt view you as having long term potential, then you will not get much of their attention, until you improve and finally come to love yourself, clean up, sharpen up, proud. 

So this blog is dedicated to everyone, whoever at one point was not happy with themselves and wanted to do a better job of being themselves in life, and also wanted to be loved by someone at least by someone they admire, at one point in their life, be someone who makes someone else feel proud, or feel better about themselves, and to me that’s a good goal to have in life. 

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