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If you don’t know your capabilities yet, then always do your best, to conserve your energy for the moments that require you to be smart, which will require you to harp less on the moments when you were not fully completely there, in recognition of your worth, and everything you were capable of, be convinced that you have done anything wrong, or lost that potential. It’s a very sad fact of life, before you have done anything wrong to be accused or treated as though you have done anything wrong, to deserve being treated as though you have done wrong, and that’s what causes you defenses to go up, or to snap, and become a different person, defiant to the interests of someone who is convinced you are up to no good, there is no way to reassure anyone that you have done your best and have not done anything wrong, by going out by yourself, that’s not how to figure life out, or what the causes are for your failure, to stay well among, figure out in your waking hours, what is it that makes you feel smart, and have you done a good job proving that to others, if not, that is why you end up alone, and that’s a very painful pill to swallow, to think about life, in terms of what life you could have had, or made to live a lesser life, as a result of going by what someone else thinks of you, which is why they tell you to prove them wrong. As a woman, its easy to get hurt, that’s if someone thinks you are stronger than you are, and that’s how you lose your power in life, being treated as physically strong or cocky, and that’s what cause physical pain and headache, its you not feeling good around others, or you not made to feel good by others, a withdrawn feeling from life. So don’t worry about what your hand looks like in life, if you had a good hand in life, accept that in order to do well in life, you will still have to do all of those things right in life, in order to feel good again, and that wont happen by dating, friendship, or blog. If its what people think that is whats hurtful to you and the cause for voices and self-harm, then don’t allow yourself to be trapped in any unwanted feelings in life, whether its someone purposefully trying to hurt you, as though you are to blame for mass shootings to begin with, or whether by education or upbringing you were made to think that anything was about you, or the cause for your mental illness, or their lack of faith in you, as not being someone of interest to anyone, who is not in current appreciation for the value of everyones life as they are now, post improvements. There is so much to be thankful for, I think had I stayed well would have liked to work, its not my fault that I get sick, and if its not my thinking, then it will be because of someone elses thinking that I get sick or face physical illness. So how to stop a mass shooting. First off, becoming famous is not the solution, the bigger better than state of being, is not something that lasts in terms of prevention, its just something for study for destruction, something going well for you is always at best a temporary state of being that can be weakened by delusion “voices,” or physical health “pain,” or treatment “humor: world peace,” the point at which others have had it with you, is when there is nothing presently going wrong, or if something bigger than you is going wrong for everyone, try to credit you, as being a source of misinformation, or alignment to your interests or identity, I think a coming to terms happens, when someone is sure of themselves that there is something wrong with you, you can be happy for everyone when things are going well, and you can still get sick and be blamed if you get sick or don’t stay strong on your regime walking everyday and studying treated as though its your own fault, for feeling sick, and that’s allowing people to communicate a confession for you, like the reason for you being hospitalized has anything with your own guilts in life, story, or twitter, I think there are systems “for getting rid of people,” I was once told at work, and that’s giving people a hard time, until they quit or get fired, its not something I thought I would ever be treated as, Im not an offender, Im not guilty, I don’t study world history, Im not smart in terms of politics, I think Ive always been a comedian happy for others, I don’t study crime, I think Im very loving to boyfriends, I don’t think I have maintained a group of girlfriends for long, its not something Im good at, maintain multiples attentions, I have always had friends. I have never left a relationship in search of a better match, I think when I leave its because there is something wrong with me, and see them as doing better with someone else who they want to be with, who is not someone who they are made to feel embarrassed by or who needs to improve in status, or etiquette, or look. I don’t think respect has anything to do with mass shootings, I think its like suicide, if you bring it up, is anyone reminded of it, and then everyone starts to think of the causes, if you look at life in that way, blaming society, or people for anothers acts of hate and crime, then you are missing the point of caring, and how to care for others, which is not to blame people who get attacked in life, and I don’t think that me blogging online or being criticized is anything like a victim of crime facing hostilities or gun violence, I don’t think that it’s a predictable circumstance, but I do think its in everyone best interest not to give any go aheads, in terms of whats not working out for whom and why, and then make everything seem like it is the fault of any source of inspiration, or embarrassment to the Country, I don’t think that I am the prettiest or smartest, I think its easy to get mad at me, I think I don’t make most people happy or feel good, and I think that if I get attacked, in life, that puts my family at risk of harm, and my friends, and that’s not what I want to happen in life, treated like I allow for bad things to happen. I was told to apply for jobs, I got jobs and interviews, the job did not work out, so there will be a stopping point to being made to speak on behalf of yourself or any organization who is not to be affected by any personal disinterest as anyone who they don’t see as a welcome input to whats going well, or a positive motivator in terms of production of content, that suits the needs of those who were ever made to feel like its too late, or the person who they did not admire, is smart or appears well, and to feel like they have done anyone wrong who they thought deserved to be made fun of, memorialized on Wilshire, on buildings, and then turn me into someone who self-harms, as though Im imitating another memorial of a boxer, I think that’s treating me like a “Pee Wee Herman,” case as though Im supposed to be cued in or cued out in life on the basis of everyone else and their lives and what that represents for others, be made to take personally, anything that anyone else has gone though if its not about me, then its also not okay to memorialize the experiences of others, and be casted out to be someone who experienced bipolar because of what they thought not because of how they were treated or by what they read, which is a normal reaction to want to talk about life, to understand the risk that you may face as a law student of what things are about, and it’s the minute you have a bipolar reaction or get suicidal, that others treat you as though you have guilt, or are stupid, and that’s how you lose respect, when you think things are about you, when you were well and for things to have been represented through you, then treat you like you did not appreciate the life you had when you were in relationships and dating and smart and able to test and go to Law School. #stopsuicide

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