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An insult is when by your education, or upbringing, you are made to feel like something is being done in response to you, or being communicated in light of your experiences, to which if you identify with something seemingly similar to you, made to either feel sick, or not as good as. Its perceiving wellness, or a carried state of being, a reflection of someone feeling better than you, to interpreted in the literal sense of thinking that someone is behaving or carrying themselves in a way that is them thinking they are actually better than something or someone, or removed from a situation in which others are made to feel less than confident. Its not just a delusion, to think that something is being written, in response to you, or anything you have been through in life, I don’t think that animation, is a sign of disrespect or mobility, there will a sense of freezing, upon anything about a person, that is a quality intended if read to not be helpful, to characterize someone as being someone who possesses the traits of a personality or type of person who is viewed to be as insulting, that’s interpreting someone who is well, as being well to spite, or in spite of anothers demeanor, trying to be well not for someone or a particular group of people, intending to stand out on the basis that they are not one of them.

Response to this Article on How to Handle Insults:

I think if you are ever insulted and if anyone is ever intending to insult you, if you are a positive person, then you should not feel the insult, should not be bothered by it, and understand it to be a manifestation of what they have come to know and understand about life, and perceive you to have not experienced that same cognition, or series of feelings, not being made to feel good about yourself, or thinking that someone is well, because you are not doing well.

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