Don’t Be a Basket Case …

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For many years I have struggled with mental health issues much of which I kept private. It’s mostly a private struggle until it becomes public, and starts ruining relationships, and as a consequence sometimes fighting occurs which is the worst part of it, feeling like no one understands you or feeling like people are turning on you and I promise you that that’s not what it is even if you feel better convincing yourself that no ones on your side they are they probably just don’t know how to help you. By definition a basket case is, “Someone who is viewed as emotionally unstable and unable to function in normal situations.” [1] I feel like when you feel that way that’s the wrong way to describe yourself by such a derogatory term, try to view things in the positive, and think of what you can do in order to get better like talk to your psychiatrist, call a hotline, talk to a friend, talk to family, go to treatment, this is when you can’t help yourself and it’s important to recognize once all your self-help avenues have run out determine if more acute care is needed to help you get out of whatever it is that you’re going through. That being said, I hope that as you go out from here you think twice in the event that things are not going well for you and hope that you stay steady along your journey so that you never feel alone. That may be in part why I have a blog because it’s not just you everyone has problems I know we hear this all the time but the more you can normalize what it is you are going through the less you will feel alone in going through whatever it is that troubles you. So be strong and happy mental health awareness month, I hope you find plenty to read up on this month and become a better version of you, friend, family member, or romantic partner to all those that you love and admire, and maybe one day it will be you too helping others, like I have done with my life.



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