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Sometimes before things get better they get worse, and Im hoping that thats not the case. I am an incredibly paranoid person who is really hard on herself, and Im not ashamed to say that. I think its okay to be careful, just know your limits. For awhile now, I have been saving all my progress notes on my Instagram, that is in blogging, my analytics screen shots, quotes every now and then, pictures videos, random things I think are funny, and quality gears for content, meaning when I think about the big picture, what is it that I think should be the dominating thought as to a rationale or communicating interest as to what is displayed, and that’s when timing becomes important. The timing of your thoughts shared in relationship to what has already been shared, I think of this when I post a picture, or share a conversation that Im having in private, or share a public image, what that means when I DJ a song for example, how that all ties together, and that’s the space I wonder in, and I think that’s a fun space creative wise to think about, how you are communicating, what you are communicating, and how that makes other people feel. I am not a communications major, but I was a Sociology major, and took some Psychology courses before I switched majors. I have always been fascinated with all the big picture concepts demonstrated through film and how that helps us to add humor to our lives and I would never want what makes people feel good to make anyone feel bad, and that to me occurs when you minimize the significance or the importance of what was said, as compared to now, make it seem like hours of work into a concept, should be related to something said or done now, just to shine light which may not always apply to the current situation, maybe, maybe not. So that’s what I was thinking of this morning. In going to treatment, I never expected for my life to become a code, I think as a blogger I have tried to make one campaign that was successful only on Twitter a bunch of tech companies used my hashtag to promote their products, check “#bloggingcampaign” on Twitter, that was pretty cool to see who was interested in participating, I don’t think that I ever saw my work as technically complicated, and I don’t think I ever intended to be a front end coder of creativity, that’s not to undermine Tech as a profession, that has a front end and a back end, to all of its work, what you cant see governing whats on the screen of everything you see. I think a lot of life is about the mechanics of what goes into a work, that is what makes a work special, and I think only at age 35 am I coming to understand that facet of life more and more, that the more work you put into something the better it feels and looks, perhaps why detail oriented people are highly valued as skilled laborers in whatever market so enjoins them to the purpose of making others feel good about themselves, and offer to the world products that enable them to do so. I have once applied to a Front End Web Development Course at General Assembly, and think that I will apply again, seeing that this has really become more of a career than a hobby for me, based upon the jobs I have applied to recently, one startup and the other a film law job, I really am happy to have graduated from Law School and found this small intersection of jobs that want people who have some technical savvy with blogging, I think it’s a very valuable skill to have as a worker, to both understand the law, and also be able to blog and participate online and help to represent other companies, either through your own identity, or with help from them be represented by their company, I guess that’s what your resume states everyone who represents everyone is basically to me what your resume says about you, you represent them and they represent you, and based upon those representations you get jobs and are able to build a career on the basis of what work you have accomplished, who for, and what you are doing with your life now given those experiences in life, what types of roles do you later take on in life. 

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