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Change is Scary …

Let’s face it, how many of us on the verge of something new find ourselves lost? I certainly do, and that’s not an unusual experience. According to, “life will always require you to let go of something before the next thing is in sight.” [1] So instead of darting our eyes, counting out ABCs backwards, and running for the nearest closet, let’s think for a second, what can we do to prepare ourselves in the event of a major change in life be ready for whatever comes our way. That’s just it, half of life is feeling prepared and how much better do we feel when we are. Like going on a hike bringing a backpack or going to the beach what will we put in that bag? Sunscreen, water, towel, exactly … you get the point. So I think we also need to do those things before entering a new phase in life or a new chapter. What can we do to better prepare ourselves in the event we are faced with something we are not readily able to deal with on our own. I was just talking to my new therapist the other day and she told me that she will teach me coping skills for instance if I get voices what to think do say feel so that I’m better able to manage that change and add skills to my mental health tool belt. According to it’s important to recognize that, “Change is inevitable. Sometimes it can be positive.” [2] So don’t be avoidant and start being proactive, as this article suggests. What are some of the ways in which I can adequately manage a few emotional changes I may encounter if I get voices and what are some things I can do in order to accept the parts of me that I’m not completely proud of or that make me feel uncomfortable about myself. I think I’m going to start journaling, journaling is one of those things that if you put it off your problems just pile up and if the conversations in your head are staying the same then you’re not really dealing with your problems pen to paper and getting an accurate picture of what’s going wrong, don’t bottle up, it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to be upset, and it’s okay to feel sad there is no law that requires you to bottle up and to not be able to say how you think or feel. Look at me for example I say whatever comes to mind and while it may be an intimidating process of saying out loud how you feel you’ll be a much healthier happier person in the process of coming to accept yourself and all the random odds and ends about you that you’re not completely sure of. Then you will start accepting yourself for who you are and have a growing sense of compassion for yourself along the way, and that’s a good feeling.




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