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When it comes to privacy what makes you not cool is to talk about what is going well for you then think things are not well and talk about your life in terms of negatives remember to see the positive some have it worse so that’s the turn off to get into issues and to personalize too many problems that’s overwhelming to you and to your reader don’t confuse the past with the present and lose sight of what’s going well. Forgive yourself often. So even if things are not going well for you, eventually you have to cut ties with what’s bothering you and accept what’s left of you to work with and that’s how self sabotage happens with an expectation for you to contribute in a way expected of you on the basis negative if you have in the past been unstable there will eventually come a time where maybe even you will have to prove yourself wrong. Imagine that whether or not what you have to say is truthful, be humble in that you may have things wrong and to be honest if what your not sure about in life no one expects you to know everything get it right the first time just always do your best that others will appreciate more than be bothered by anything you’re not the best at right now even if it’s about being positive and feeling good. Think to what extent is it not purposeful for you or anyone to not feel good explain less it’s better not to mention causes personal introduce anyone to negative way to view self if you don’t feel okay then normalize the feeling not justify the causes let that part go. If it bothers you to bring up something you worry will cause for concern for others then don’t say what’s more reassuring to most instead and do your research instead in terms of how a conversation is then brought up through you to see what you are bothered by then share a better way to process a feeling you’ve read up on that shows you have a plan with managing an emotion so that you don’t let bad thinking get the best of you let it just be a temporary acknowledgment of not quite dealing with things perfectly but plan to be more productive move past discussion of what will hopefully later be less important to explain that’s growing and maturing a good thing you’ll be proud of yourself later for it. One way to be productive would be to share what have you done to overcome what ever it is about you that’s changed and bothers you and why. #loveislove #stopsuicide quotes, lies, interpretations, issues, assumptions, belittlement. What it feels like to be treated like you’re dumb or not good enough or an offender (fear of getting in trouble or being stigmatized that’s an unwanted pressure to accept what’s not true or to accommodate a poor judgment of you which might not feel good to hear) or capable of worse than you have presented and that’s how what you say the opposite happens which is self sabotage when you are doing well then suddenly sick or lose weight then gain weight or look pretty then don’t look pretty that’s not just you giving up on yourself that’s also you allowing a negative interpretation of you to take hold and if that’s not what is meant by it then there is no going back if you mention anything that makes you seem as though you interpret anyone to have spoken or behaved in the negative or did what reasons anything is brought up to make you look like you’re insensitive or incapable of being loved that’s being destroyed in life and that’s what hurts when you work hard to graduate and to be hurt publicly punished or treated like it’s okay to test your spirit and break you for no reason and your family it’s something that if you talk about it it gets worse like your sex life which includes your health which if you disclose then you get attacked like you’re not being honest and at your expense suffer and that’s not a lesson anyone has the right to teach me to hurt me to see what I look like and sound like hurt and his or where I go from here which is not me not not being happy for myself or others and changing to a worse feeling that’s me not staying well motivated and you can’t control all the factors or reasons why anyone would situate you to cast blame on you that’s a tough life to live thereforeward. You are only let back into life so long as you are well. And once you don’t improve thats what keeps you from being in the lives of others by the fact that you don’t feel well and you won’t always know why, what is done to you happens it’s mostly your decision or choice or by your advances in life you either find support lose support get sick get reminded get embarrassed or treated like you don’t work hard it’s a choice to study to get a job not all are privileged to apply get paid sometimes it takes many years to get strong again and if no one respects that much that you’re saving yourself to be loved again don’t waste energy points getting hurt in life. Love can wait, but with fewer options the older you get thats you’re only mistake for not staying well, too hard to care for, not strong enough to care for others, and not patient enough with yourself to give yourself time to heal without becoming defensive and burning out.

Please Note: This is an example of a discussion in my head, on a bad day, it will be trying to describe a feeling and then thinking that things are this way, even if they are not.

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