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motivational simple inscription against doubts

You are as good as the value of your word, so if you say something it should work in the favor of those who seek to be helped by you not necessarily have to care what works out for you in life, and that’s why respect is seldomly handout out to anyone, who we don’t get a good feeling from, it wouldn’t be wise to be accepting of anyone, who were are made to no be sure of. So in terms of when you are well that’s when you can help others, in the event that you have problems its not that you cant help people, it just means they will probably be focused on themselves and not need you past the point of not being impressed by you, whether that’s for good or bad reasons, that does not occur until you give added justification, for anything that is felt, to then be justified as proper to treat you in that way as though you don’t value yourself or others. In those moments of peace when you are at rest, remember that when things get hectic, its more about whether you can get through something with respect for how others feel, and that’s the part of life you have to let go of, not read too much into why it has been lost, if you did not deserve the respect of anyone past, then it will not be there for you in the future, that’s just the same for anyone who is not reliant on you for stability and success in life, easy to be around when well, and not know who you are when you are not well, or have changed, or suddenly get worse, that’s a person who they cannot help someone who is in need, and if those needs are based upon acceptances beyond, those in the immediate, then that will be another reason to not respect you. After many cycles of respect, if you cannot figure out when you are wanted during times of peace, and then during times of chaos, they become unavailable, that just means that that opportunity has past, you cannot go by when you are ready to be available to others, it doesn’t work that way, in your younger years you can go by thinking of people, and contact them on the basis of when things are going well be able to have conversations and update on another on progress, don’t be surprised if things later change, that could just means that things are worse and not about you, things are better and its not their problem to help you, or its by who does accept you you waste time wondering what the causes for disrespect are, and that much you have to accept if people think low of you. If you want to be special in this world, you have to be someone worth knowing, those are the people who get to feel special, and those are the people empathized with, loved, adored, admired, and tended to first, if it seems like you are hard to love, in addiction, or any other condition of failure, and reliance on substances to manage yourself, you become accustomed to being alone, and maybe that’s a good thing, if youre not strong enough for criticism, is why you usually can only make people happy, when they want you, but cannot make people happy if they don’t want you or don’t need you, that’s how people get aggravated if they assume you are worse than you are, or assume that anything is about you, being acted upon in support of you, such as President Trump going to the Philippines, all those years improving will matter less, if at ever a state of disarray, or lack of composure, it’s a tough uphill climb to be back to your well adjusted loveable self, so it wont matter who loves you then or does not love you, so long as you are doing well the goal is not to be affected by anyones negative thinking assuming that you don’t need actual help, or that you need love, or think that you are not helping or side-tracking on the basis of personal need or recognition, to be associated to anyone of higher standing as though that means approval or more approval of you, and that’s not what jobs are for, friendships, job application, or housing. That’s not how respect is built by what you have in todays day and age that’s how respect is lost by the more you have balanced by how you feel or whether you are happy or not, doing well or not feeling well, will dictate how much help you do get, and whether others feel the need to help you, or not take you seriously if you are more connected to issues concerning what you look like instead of being connected to people in life, to demonstrate that you have a shared interest in maintaining wellness, which is for the purposes of helping to keep others well I don’t think past failure, that they understand the concept of forgiveness to the extent that once you are let back into the lives of others, if you do not value the time it took to make that journey in life, it will amount to a disappointment that causes pain, which is to forgive, and then to feel sabotaged, or hurt that anyone who was being supported without question, has then not recognized why everyone was being nice to them, because they presented no risks to care for, misled to thinking that any support of them would lead to the intended result to feel good about all other decisions made throughout time, to base their priorities, and not be affected as anyone, who has ever wasted time, supporting anyone who later becomes someone that others are not proud of or view as successful in spite, of what has been said about them, or viewed/witnessed, the moments when one was not intelligent, or not professional looking think that was because of a known disrespect then. 

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