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June 24, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

Over the past 9 years I have worked hard to battle mental health issues while overcoming set back following the loss of my Juris Doctorate Degree, but have never allowed any amount of set back to curtail my progress in life, whether through running, or learning technical skills through blogging, have always maintained steady footing, being apart of the lives of others in a positive way, not just in my own way, helping to be there for others during difficult times. 

This past year was an eye opening experience from me, convinced that I was not good enough or smart enough, I graduated, and maybe took on lesser relationships in life online, or so it seems, we can be social, and still not figure out what is missing from our lives, in my case a job. If you want to integrate, your best bet is to do your part, and that is what I have done since 2018 as a blogger, maintaining a public profile, not a high profile, and sharing my story in a way that helps others to be more comfortable if not better come to understand themselves and their own importance in life, as I have found my place in society as a blogger, a top 100 personal development blogger online. What is work? It means showing up everyday and working toward the goals of who you have entrusted your life with, that’s being on time, and getting assignments done on time, that’s not social time, that’s time to be well, and to do your best work, improve. 

Its easy to get carried away on social media, I am not immune to that fact of life, that we can share opinions and hold opinions, but if you are not anyone important, it will not be about you until you make it about you and that’s guilt, that’s combining your life with what you see on tv, or by what is going on around you, and allowing those facets of life to dictate what you think, new to free reading, I have just started to learn how that later gets you into trouble, and not in a good way relied upon for insights, that might not be of your own making but instead make it seem as though you are playing up to a crowd or even worse a negative opinion of you or others. 

The point at which you can no longer help and are no longer viewed as being of service, is when the defenses of others are up, that’s when you have a problem, that no one can help you with and that’s a difficult position to be in, to be viewed as someone who thinks they are important who is not important, or someone who thinks they have held important positions in life, who has not done their part in being of service to those who hold higher positions of office in society. So how can you help? If you’re not being honest, then your not helping, and if you’re not helping, then don’t mislead, and that’s when things become selfish, the poor decision that occurs post indecision, and the bad decisions that occur, due to the reactions to indecision or in my case off speaking, when you’re speaking off, that just means that something within needs to be improved, and if you cant figure out what’s wrong with you, that may be easy to see, and hard to explain. No one can teach you how to speak to others in turmoil, you learn that on your own.

There will never be a point in life when everyone knows you and everyone loves you, and that’s the sad part about life, there is no red carpet, where you get to meet everyone, praised for your work ethic, and for all of those who have contributed to causes that you believed in, in the end its your work that matters not the work of others, so if you don’t have your own work, then it will not be the work of others that you will be credited for and that’s influence, take it or leave it, unless you are not competitive, its hard to get far and not take anything personally, as being no one until you are someone, and for me, being someone means get a job, for someone to be someone in life, not necessarily me. Had it not been for experiences that others have struggled with in life, then I would not have launched the type of career that I have made for myself, so that’s the credit to those in my life, that I made a life for myself that represents their cares, that’s not following my heart, that’s going by acceptances, and you learn this by applying for jobs.

You may not know me yet, and you may have heard of me, maybe during unimpressed moments in time, not have believed in me, and I’m sure my story has had it’s sad and disappointing moments in time, but now is not one of them, and if there is anything that can be taken from my life is that I never give up, no matter how trying and trivial the issues may be, I don’t allow myself to be brought down by others, and I don’t allow my troubles to deflate the egos of those who appear well and think well of me, maybe not understanding my fears or insecurities, and that’s being well known, you don’t get that much support, but you are expected to be supportive, and if you can’t be supportive, not to expect anyone to help you through your troubles in life and that’s love, it comes and it goes, and you learn to accept your hand in life. 


Leslie Fischman

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