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#laxcourthouse (Day 16) Missed one day …

Everyones mind works differently, and if you are someone successful, then Im sure that you know how your minds works, we all get imprinted with different sub-sections of information, told to use, read from us, and read from communications, sided with in favor of us, or to disfavor us by insult, and that’s how communications work, they either empower you, or cause you illness, and past the point of comprehension, means that something is being said to you in disagreement, to your best interests and there is nothing you can do past the point of someone being made to feel unhappy with you or by you, we were not all raised to be negative or to shourt, or to fight, and that’s something you learn later in life, that just because someone is well spoken, doesn’t mean that they cant hurt or wont hurt, or get sick, by any number of difficulties faced in the event of a loss of respect or “voices.” So in being understanding of those with mental health issues, try to understand their deficits instead of looking for weakness, you are what you pick up on in life, so you need no convincing that you are incapable or obliged to respond to anyone where there is not devastation, being from California, and listed as a top blogger, my health has been key to me being well liked, by all my surroundings and by everyone online, we don’t all get out much, so being sheltered is not the solution to happiness, it actually does the opposite, the more reliant on others you become for acceptances, the more you lose your power in life, and that’s how power by insult is lost, for every word being said to you, another side empowered toward you and that’s not mental illness to think that there is something wrong with you that another notices, who isn’t affected these days by politics, identities, and what people think, I think if you are having those types of difficulties, in life then it may be in your best interest to get some advisement in life, whether from an attorney or a doctor, not a companion, or the courts. You can be afforded so many privileges in life and all of that can be lost including your health to anyone who does not believe in you or who thinks that you have done wrong, have been in the wrong, or done anyone wrong, and that’s not a good way to live life scared or intimidated, so that’s where I went wrong dating a soldier recently, it becomes the same stuff not the best stuff that gets thrown into the mis, which causes an instability to what was in the mix, peace keeping grounds, so that’s why Im at #laxcourthouse, respect the journey of all, whether or not we have parents here to guide us, whether or not we have lost loved ones to violence, lets not be one of those who succumbs to any types of pressures in life drugs or alcohol, and then casted out to blame as the single factor contributing to a loss outside of themselves, connected to the whole pie, which would be the people. That’s the trouble in connecting on a basis such as #worldpeace, the sum of its parts have to stay well and maybe that’s something that someone cant understand seeing me, doesn’t get that I wrote the speech it cam from my head, based on my blind understanding of the world without specific example, so if you don’t know how to stop hate from occurring, the best way to not encourage it would be not to resent those who are doing well and have made it and respect the craft, the making of information online, through blogging, the writing of arguments online through study, the capturing of life through photographer and video, and the creation of articulation of everyones cares in moving forward through film, music, and television. We can all do our best, that doesn’t mean that our best will be good enough, not if you allow for mental health issues to occur, by watching people and symbolizing issues by viewing their life, and then thinking that that’s what they are about who is gone, or what is gone, and then try to make them appear to be gone by the same issues that others feel gone by, the point is to get stronger, to be smarter, and to not allow for any number of mental health issues to persuade anyone that that’s the way life is, no matter what is controlling up top ideology wise or award wise, whats in the best interests of all by identity connected to identities would be to stay well, to stand tall and to be proud, if I was ever cited to or if anyone was ever doing well, it was because I was getting As in law school and doing well too, or running and athletic and lost weight, that’s what creates the sync, that’s not by fame or power or influence, its by well being that people see you look at you, then want to work with you, then feed off of you, incorporate you, or cite to you, and that’s how the world works by wellness, you have to provide something that is of value a blog or website, and its by arguing what you see that others are made to see clearer and that’s what works for people, not sitting and reading a twitter for anything off putting or not funny and on the basis of the day reject or disqualify someone by some rule read someone for the Webby awards, to then create a situation in which I have appeared private in a way that sheds light on the over amplification of an image not to be viewed by all, not a clean image, I had a clean record up until 2013, its unfortunate that if someone is made to not believe in you after visiting #scotus that you get attacked, and that was a challenging experience for everyone wanting to know why the Country was experience high levels of crime, and what could be done to stop allowing for that type of behavior on home land, and maybe that is something that no one will understand not unless you are the FBI. So if you have a good life such as myself, stop putting so much together, and work on putting yourself together, and the better able you are at putting yourself together, the more likely you will find others who are put together well, and want to be around you, be apart of your life, love you, and genuinely, share an interest in the same things you are passionate about such as writing and blogging. Which is why #Spitzer is participating more, because of me, sorry. 

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