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What Does it Mean to Help Others …

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In the brutal era of mental health issues, whats more important is your own health, maybe not necessarily your reputation. It seems to be the case of negative spotlights, not bringing anyone down in life or into a problem that is not their own, so while you may be able to advocate for others, that doesn’t mean that you are scott free to say whatever you want to whoever you want, not everyone can handle fighting, it’s a really disabling and disheartening condition, when you are made to stand up for yourself in the face of any dilemma whether of your own making, or of the making of others, to make you seem like you don’t care or value what you do have in life, whether that’s innocence or guilt, we all get caught up eventually following our whims in life. So what does #freebritney mean to me, it means that while under the care of another, are you able to function and represent the best interests of others, and maybe this is why not to talk to strangers, who don’t know how far we have come and whats at stake, and able to lose, wellness. So while my case may not be the same as hers, it’s the same idea, in which another thinks there is something wrong with you, when you are feeling good, and then feeling sick while under the care of someone who thinks there is something wrong with you. So who you are on the outside appears like there is something wrong with you, and whether or not that is a condition that can be changed, the combination of stories, is what ultimately causes an illness to you or others, that’s recognizing that something is wrong whether a judge can pinpoint that, or a speaker can pinpoint that, in the end what matters most is wellness, so we cant always go by eachother, or by looking at things determine what is wrong. In most cases its important to go by who loves you, I think in any situation in which you are made to not feel good about yourself, can make it difficult for you to move forward, let alone be bombarded by the opinions of others led astray in life and sometimes that happens high profile or not. So what is it that helps you to rise to the top, such as in my case ranked on Alexa 14,000 in the US with mental health issues, and graduated from Law School with a 3.2 getting As for the majority of my time in Law School. It means that when you are focused on yourself you do well, surrounded by people who believe in you, and that’s how you do well. When you put your attentions on others, who do not feel good by you that is how you get sick, then convinced that there is something wrong with you. You always have to be careful who you open up to, and I know coming from a high profile case, that others will instantly feel good by you and see big that doesn’t mean that you will feel instantly good around others and feel big and sometimes the exact opposite reaction occurs, feeling small, or feeling sick, or not feeling like yourself, so that’s performing in front of others, it will be by how you feel others feel, why its so important to feel good in order to make others feel good. So what does helping #spitzer mean, it means that although that was not a close call, it was close enough being in rehab in Orange County (a residential dual diagnosis IOP for mental health issues other than going to UCLA IOP or 5150 hold for bipolar: voices, hospitalized 9x for feeling sick with psychiatric issues, then I wrote books and blogged and became a top 100 personal development blogger to illustrate that although Im okay on the inside, maybe in conversation less promising to others, and figure out that difference on my own, found my potential through writing). Because a Coldplay song came out, that means that Im an influencer, so if Im an influencer who is being made to look bad, that is why I am at #laxcourthouse for 30 days to illustrate that although my story may not be perfect, although I may not make everyone feel good, and although my life may not be perfect, life goes on with or without you, and that’s a painful concept to understand that life is short, and we will be helped in different ways, and sometimes that occurs in the form of a lesson that may or may not cause us pain, or a lost opportunity, hopefully not for wellness. So stay steady get help and never give up. This life is what you make of it, whether you are on board, overboard, or barely making it. 

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