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When there is disappointment, its best to see both as blah, and maybe this is what psychiatry is for all the ahas, what is actually causing a struggle in comprehension, where the nuts and bolts to an argument is coming from whether from insult, or voice, and who is responsible for those voices, if I don’t watch TV, listen to the same songs, and not social, meaning I don’t go out, I have never been clubbing, only twice, so who is the overexposed culprit, of some dominant ideology of wellness, if its not coming from me, then it should not be in me, if I was a stay at home student, so this is what interaction is for, its not an exchange of feelings and words alone, its also not to serve as the pecking order or basis for you standing out or not standing out in a crowd, so if you ever are not made to feel strong, this is what politicians are for, they don’t just speak above, but they are also not impacted by feelings or words, and this is what education is for, so that no matter how stressful life becomes, no matter how big a burden there is is socially for you to overcome, time away from people is always the solution to stupidity or not being yourself, and maybe this is something we all learned in COVID, including not to get our hopes up and to also take responsibility for everyone late to an argument, delayed in being gifted with solution, feeling sick or alone not able to comprehend or comprehending just right, and there is not super human, that can be built who is any stronger than President Joe Biden who has the least enemies in life, who is the most harmless in life, and who has presented the fewest odds to our people on the basis of how many people are okay with him and that’s a President. So if you don’t see me schmoozing that because what work I have ahead of me is not the same work that he has ahead of him, and that’s not me having a big head, which is what is thought of if I go up, or if I seem well, if opportunity seems like within reach, that’s also not a voting system of sabotage, by any person who does not think that I deserve to get paid or have a job, so when things stop working out, that means to start working on strengthening who does not feel appreciated, who was trying to help, and that means that you are meant to do well in life. That’s what it means when people believe in you, and right now The President has to believe in everyone, and I don’t think that my choices, sudden or not, should fuel his trust of me, or whether I am declared schizophrenic, I don’t have anything wrong, Im allowed to think about life, Im allowed to problem solve, and maybe its easy for you, not put on anti-psychotics, to just read and scan and have your good health in tact, and maybe that’s what writing is about, conveying an idea, whether in picture or words, to explain what is not working out for anyone personally, or whether that its by name, that one thinks that I am comparing an incident to “school shootings” and that’s not what running on the beach is about or UTA Agency, and if someones girlfriend dies, then yes that affects me, and if someone who founds a company dies yes that affects me, and if it does not affect you it could be that you don’t get why that would affect me because you don’t think that me knowing people, means that Im close to people at all. And that’s where you have me wrong, in terms of whether I care about people and able to prevent them from being hurt, and that’s how prevention is occurs, not by the back and forth of argument, if you want to shoot me in face, and “bastardize” my identity, then I don’t care and neither does President Barack Obama, and if that’s the term you want to use, then we can make more Shiny Buildings, and I can work for DA Spitzer, and you guys can make eachother shiny, and I don’t have to be shiny online to see what is making people shiny, or feel okay. When people are well that’s an opportunity for my family to be well, so although you Dad is important, and you think that my life is a joke because you know Eminem, don’t make fun of me because I went to Law School because you don’t respect me and have two parents, me too. 

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