gun violence, its okay if by the time they are positive you are sick, its okay if someone thinks your schizophrenic, let god handle people people go by people not individual moods, let wellness go by wellness, own your faults or deficiencies, stop crediting whats not working

Im Sorry I Tried to Fight Gun Violence …

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It’s a very painful choice to address whats not going right, so that’s not where the energy is coming from, that’s not campaigning in or going off eachother, and this was a problem I experienced by t-shirts bought at bloomingdales, by music choices, observing people walking on my balcony, and wrote a nice letter, that’s not a suicide note or a goodbye letter, if you are trying to figure out life, and in the immediate everything hits, you recognize how important it is for you to stay well, and that you are capable of “helping a lot of people,” the psychic told me, who also told me “that if you take too many pills I see you in a casket,” which is not for reference or blame, that’s forewarning and that’s someone detoxing you from cocaine, that should scare you she told me at the bowling alley connected to the bar in Klamath Falls, if you continue to do drugs “you will look like this,” all I noticed was teeth, she was healthy at the time, not at the time a mentor, had me watch a movie: “Idiocracy,” its now 2021, I only studied politics briefly 2013 watching CSPAN, and that ultimately led to the missing of hook up invites, which can be explained by letting them know what you are doing, everyone is sad or disappointed to talk to you if you seem like youre gone, and its not deserved, I don’t drink or do drugs, and so far public speaking on social media is a recognized form of talking to everyone, I am now talking in person, after years of disappointment, and poor decision making, focusing on the exterior, not enough writing of high quality was made that would ignite an impression of high quality, and maybe that seems stupid to you something well made, and its not easy and Im not going to write another book or a PDF and I am not going to put my website up because I am not feeling well, so you therefore will not want to know me before or now, all you want to comprehend is why Im at #laxcourthouse, which cannot make people like me nude, or hate me nude, and no one will masturbate to me, fall in love me, or leave a wife for me, that’s how ruined my condition is, a good attitude in life is people being okay with you, so if I earned a house and cars I will never have that again not unless I work, and I have to work to get a JD or a PhD, so it doesn’t matter why I was hospitalized at this point lets not make it a determining factor for wins or losses overall, so create a similar face you think is connected by body or look to say is empathized with if you don’t like my car, that was Spitzer’s Test, no one is mad at me, and if people drive slow means Im scary or not doing well like crows, if Im struggling no one honks at me or hits my car or breaks, and if I am speaking, they are strong then they lighten up and if I go by the green cops and the cop car that means that they are serious so not to get too comfortable, a serious charge is banter or side conversation that you take personally and maybe that’s my fault to assume that a lawsuit is to say by pictures that someone is victim to me wanting love AND hitting my head bleeding, I think when you get voices, that ceases communication, and you don’t feel well, and what gets remembered by you or not empathized about you, is what you look like in pictures and that’s how you don’t get viewed as victim, so I know I have mental health issues, I maybe don’t think I deserve to be here there is no forewarning or explanation for what causes self harm or head hitting, its not a choice if you take Abilify and its not by content writing or insult or a better life that someone is hurting you on behalf of someone who loved you because they see the man as victim to your Twitter, so if it was a craiglist joke that’s not making fun of my boyfriend, that’s me applying to jobs on craigslist with the perfect resume and not enough experience that was before the recession, then there was a small window got a dream job, now we are back in a recession, so I will not ever have another paid opportunity for the rest of my life, I was working hard for 10 years to make sure everything went right for me, and hopefully for others, so Im not taking it personally, when a soldier cannot help me, so if its personal Im not for fighting hire an attorney and take it to court like a normal human being you don’t have to kill me, because you think that my campaign flyers were ineffective, then tell that to #santamonica and #laxcourthouse flyers posted, and let #FLORIDA know that you think Im #slutwalk material. -I had to reply and explain to him that it sounds like you are trying to sue me why this is not working out, and there is not explanation or guilt thats leaving someone well, unfortunately if you look well they expect more from you, and by the time the loving vibe comes around you just have to accept whoever is trying to be God in your life, thats who youre connected to so you are forced to go by how they feel if upset or threatening suit why its a HUGE deal to let people into your life, and when it goes private that means THERE IS WORRY FOR THE OUTSIDE WORLD, AND THAT MEANS that someone who is well is being affected or made to feel unsafe as well. #blogging

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