Day 25: #laxcourthouse …

It’s a quiet day, lesson learned in mental health, its better to not react than it is to react and vocalize what it is that is bothering you that’s better suited for therapy that upset and unnerving need to defend oneself is by setting yourself straight not others and that’s how everything goes back to normal. Whether that moment is shared with others, whether or not anyone can hear you. -You are as big or small as you make your problems out to be so think how will this affect me in the long run. In short -How you feel to others will be based on who you are and where you are in life that brings peace or upset to anyone trying to understand you or identify whats wrong with you. So don’t react to your difficulties in a way that makes anyone think you’ve not been doing well in spite of what was thought about you and make it a point. Just as you don’t want negative thought about you to enter the mind of anyone made to feel the pressure you face in life to get well, be able to work, get jobs, move forward. A stain on your record is not the problem, its who you allow into your life to convince you you are nothing. So do your best to follow doctors orders, talk to your attorney. Don’t let anyone hurt you. Don’t subject those you know or love to a bad life or a bad set of circumstances and always be honest. You may keep your problems separate but that doesn’t mean youre free of misunderstanding. There is always room to be blamed to be viewed as wrong minded or not successful embarrassing based on the life you do have, where youre headed, the jobs you get, left alone or bothered. So that’s life, either subjecting yourself to dislike or able to be around others not bothered. That’s out of your own insecurity that defenses are brought out of you and that cannot cure whats not said that just gives another an opportunity to deny or say that’s not what it looks like or what they think, waste time. 

Originally Handwritten: 07-12-21

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