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It’s been about two weeks and maybe a month switching doctors under new psychiatric care. I’m sure based upon following me you’ve noticed some changes yourself in my output. I would like to think that I’m always at my best writing online give or take a few meds but I’m sure that I’ve not sounded like myself lately also and hope that that’s okay to witness yourself whole going through whatever you’ve been going through in life too. We can’t all be perfect even when we are doing our best. The point of being hospitalized is expected to meet the following goals for each patient, “the psychiatric hospital setting is uniquely able to meet four key needs: setting the patient up for success; motivating the patient to engage in care going forward by capitalizing on severity of current presentation; providing stabilizing and bridging treatment for acute crisis; and structuring a successful transition to a next level of care by actively engaging the local care continuum to achieve evidence-based treatment matching.” [1] This time around I decided to stay home which explains why it’s not so clear how severe my condition was I’m sure it’s easy to tell how I’m doing by reading my blog which may not always be so clear to me in writing which explains why I’ve taken a break as of recently from writing everyday until I get stable as I would had I gone to the hospital for two weeks instead of staying home. And getting well from here. -We all get well at our own pace and it’s not always by the meds that we are prescribed that inform the reader what it is that we are going through. No mental health issues are easy to get through not even with meds, sometimes it can be an incredibly unstable and precarious situation to be placed in when one is not stable enough to get through the day while adjusting to new meds. I’ve been going through panic attacks at night and have experienced many side effects from the new meds but have to follow doctors orders. Based on my energy I’m not sure whether I’m completely on board with what’s being prescribed to me. Especially since it’s been keeping me from doing what I love to do writing. -I just started going to AA meetings again that’s a step in the right direction for me to work on not isolating and practice social skills which require that me to be around people and to talk to people. Next is to attend an IOP for thought disorders, which is to help me with delusions that’s probably to help me cope with thinking things are happening that aren’t happening or thinking that people are thinking something that they aren’t thinking about me. I think as of now I’m feeling at an extreme loss of who I thought I was before undergoing treatment, I’m sure me doing well as a blogger is not delusion but for some reason if I talk about how successful I am as a blogger it’s not believed by most. -My goal is to get a job … eventually the time will come where I get to start working again not just work from home and looking forward to the opportunity to work again and help others beyond just blogging, which was everyday and now recently taken a break from blogging everyday which has been helpful so far in my recovery from bipolar and mental health issues. Alone time is good time.



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