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Don’t Forget to Beam with Joy …

Not everything apparent will resonate with you sometimes not until you go through it yourself, so be accepting of all delays, eventually your primary purpose will shine through your work ethic if you have enough nerve to tolerate whether consequential or not set backs along the way, affecting your stability. I’m talking to all the bloggers out there who care about making others feel better and rest assured on track on path toward their goals in life sometimes we can provide that feeling to others through words and pictures and sometimes we fall short of providing that type of reassurance to others. It’s all about your cares what you’re willing to let go of in place of a larger purpose to help others get through the bad days, the hard days, and the days we can’t see things through. It’s not a condition you awake to when you are in harms way it’s not a situation that you can ignore when you’re not feeling well but it is a place you can rise from no matter what difficulties stand in the way between you feeling better or at odds with anyone expecting you to make them feel better you are never required to adjust your pace in life if it means lowering your standards in life to appease whoever does not recognize your place in life as earned not acknowledging all the hard work it takes to be where you are that’s nothing worth sacrificing your dignity for, so don’t assume for you to account for the erroneous positioning bestowed to you by anyone expecting you to be strong or combative when put in harms way that’s not your fault nor your audiences fault for feeling that instability that occurs upon anyone fighting your credentials in life or for what efforts you stand for, not all are affected in the immediate. You can’t choose your audience that’s something you learn overtime how to write without expectation and how to be strong or resilient to life’s stresses even when you can’t put together the right words to express where you are coming from in life without unreasonable delay. Sometimes in the time it takes for you to realize your self-worth done later assembly proves to be futile, don’t give up, no matter what page your on in life. There’s a saying “time heals all wounds,” I’m pretty sure it applies to right now, the calm following the disorienting and unnerving grappling with facts innuendos and feelings none of which feel certain and then what are you left with? Your truths. This never made sense to me the fact that we can all see things differently and even if we are at odds by what we see or think are expected to have compassion for on another’s perspectives whos perspective can you rely on most when there is instability abound, you would expect your own in place of another’s which doesn’t quite make sense to you. Know that in your heart of hearts when things are not going well rely less on those provoking instability to make amends with what’s more important is that stability is defended not those who’s instability seeks justification by putting down the reasoning of others for the sake of their own reassurances in being made right by provoking instability to another’s, that’s an easy fight to win, by not engaging with anyone who seeks to rupture your own ethical standing in life to not be made a party to any war, fight, or argument. If it’s not been made let not statements about life be made through you that’s not letting hectic arrivals in thought to take over a better general understanding of the times to not be geared in that way to let anyone down in life.

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