Sugar Rush …

It’s always okay to be in a loving or giving mood just do so without expectation. It seems that the more time you invest in achieving a feeling or condition the greater sense of loss you feel when things don’t turn out the way that you had expected they turn out. Don’t lose faith. We have all experienced this: “Moodiness, such as frequently changing moods or gloominess, can arise when we avoid or are unable to work through issues we are struggling with.” [1] So if being wanted and feeling needed is your issue this we all can relate to just don’t let that giving mood turn into a resentment which ends up pushing people away from you more than those feelings are capable of bringing people together. According to, “Pushing people away is one way of avoiding intimacy. In fact, this avoidance can act as a defense mechanism for people afraid of getting hurt in relationships.” [2] Isn’t that funny in trying to get the attention that you crave the reverse can happen. So pace yourself you can’t always get what you want so this you learn as you get older people are busy, people are working, people date, and this explains why not everyone is emotionally available for you to be close them by. Usually that time alone teaches us to focus on ourselves when things aren’t quite turning out exactly as we has wanted not all us lost and this when keeping busy tends to be the solution to any other need if feeling wanted it’s when you are busy you’re easier to approach and easier to help being a self starter shows that you are already working on yourself and that’s what makes it easy for others to want to help you or help you work through whatever problems have accumulated for you.




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