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Just when you’ve just about had it … pause. Where is your anger and resentment stemming from, what is it that you want to hear or need to hear, and think how will anyone respond to what I’ve got to say now in the moment and will what I have to say impede on the progress toward a better or fuller understanding of the ramifications of any mental health issue, what are mental health issues anyways, and how much power can you give to a mental health issue. In a broad sense not all mental health issues are the same. However like all bad feelings that can bring you down in life we are no different by those terms wanting to feel good, capable, blessed. That won’t occur for all of us on the same day. It’s best when trying to relate to someone to think of some commonality between a difficult emotion of set of understandings and reason with yourself not to allow a misunderstanding to spiral out of control for you or others although what your going through might not be the same in effect when something bothers you expect that anyone attached to you or related to you will be affected that’s living selflessly not selfishly, once you get that how you feel affects others you can become that much more confident in your choices in life to do what is best for all and to start taking ownership over thoughts that leave you feeling defeated, it’s in that state of feeling defeated that you open yourself up for criticism that is not being sure of yourself or needing affirmation from anyone to regroup this you should be able to do on your own on your own timing preferred but mostly then it’s by the timing of others that you either go overboard and lose support or you barely make it back in time with everyone still in one piece. Never allow for negative thoughts to fester would be my best advice and it’s when the times are tough that everything gets read for criticism that’s a natural reaction to things not being okay being extra critical of any advice or statements made thereafter is this going to help me is this going to hurt me and what is this feeling about is it about how I’m carrying myself or is it by how someone is responding to me that is causing me to feel this way and what can I do to improve upon myself or any bad feelings and not let things get worse for yourself or for others. I never imagined that taking a break from blogging would lead to anything negative for anyone I think all breaks are a good time for us to rely less on eachother and gives us all time to focus on ourselves, I think that’s the best way to respond to any turmoil inner, deep seeded, about, underlying, whatever the root cause is for discomfort don’t ignore those feelings that’s your gut instinct telling you to back away, steer clear of, second guess, think for yourself and that’s the best way to make choices moving forward. If in life we constantly went by eachother then all of our timing would be off, it’s less helpful during traumatic times to rely on what one or the other has to say and give up when the energy is lost, sometimes the best way of problem solving involves picking up where you last were, without running the risk of filling in any gaps or voids of what has not been said. Do the thinking work for yourself and try not to waste too much time doing any unnecessary thinking for anyone else waste time standing in any shoes in life you would later regret missing opportunities to be free thinking on your own and find yourself defending a feeling instead of being present in the moment not relying or buckled down by any words what is of value to you? Think how important is thinking this way going to help me in the long run and his will any type of misthinking ruin my chances of being free to think again absent minded a thought occurring or provoked by another or resulting from any happening in life, that’s being brave, what you don’t allow to get to you, what you don’t create excuses for, and what you don’t allow to become thought of about you or others in those interim periods of quiet. Quiet means things are okay. Uprightness means maybe take a step back and think for yourself, whereas confidence means don’t forget to double check. It’s in any demonstration careless that gets used to observe your manner of thinking all together at what moments are crucial for you, at what moments is there a sense of lost support, and at what moments do you seem back with the rest of them including your audience. This is a difficult task with mental health issues, just don’t get lost in all the details what’s fundamental to returning from instability is acknowledgment of what has gone right for you or others and not interfere with those types of feelings and behavior how ever it may make you feel no one is responsible for you when you’re feeling at a loss just don’t make those feelings evident for anyone else who have not encountered a circumstance that no one can explain to them and where more right minded thinking is necessary than any explanation for how anything could go wrong, it’s always best not to create excuses for what’s not going right and to allow for thoughts concerning what is going right not to hit the mind for conversation critical that’s an unnecessary toll on what’s going well should always be left alone left to the experts to correct not be fuel for mishap by any misrepresentation personal or public.

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