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“Black Widow” film review …

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie in theaters it’s important when you have the ability to sit still and have the time to watch a movie to do so. Life is never that busy that you should ever not have time to take advantage of your freedom to focus on anything other than yourself. -This movie specifically addresses time lost, when people live separate lives, whether post trauma or choice by whos care they fall under in life and the causes for paranoia internalized by anyone forced to live a separate life grow up fast survive independently and the disappointment faced upon reunification which fails to live up to success for any party saving anyone who fails to meet the mark, what’s worth risking your life for, defending anyone who has done anyone wrong, whether that be family, friend, or overtime realized what life you end up with, or who ends up in your life, what relationships appreciate overtime may be whos there for you even if forced to focus on who’s not around which if anyone you have to go out of your way to help, may not make you a hero in anyone’s book not unless it does less harm than good for any side for that matter. And once given the opportunity to make things right who changes for good or bad and the confusion that occurs upon who’s decision that is for you to play hero to whom no matter who the contender is, a created enemy who any hero has the choice of saving or injuring that’s compassion do you recognize the issue and spare someone on the basis of who’s leadership their under accept them as one of your own or do you try to attack the creator or one found in charge of controlling individuals on the basis of giving them a life that they don’t have to live by controlled to represent or protect anyone up top telling them to hurt or dislike specific targets in life who once they find out who is behind their limitations in life survive any obstacles to making people fight who can help eachother. This concept relates to real life on the basis of freeing those made to fight someone who in the past has not solved a problem in terms of any lives lost in the present resolves that guilt by not allowing any losses to occur in the time it takes to simply get one person to stop convincing whos under their control to attack someone who doesn’t want to be made to fight people in life who they should not be fighting with.



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