Getting Over It …

We are all a work in progress and we all have our limitations in life the goal is to improve recognize our feelings and not get hurt in the process of opening up. Forgiveness is about not living with regrets or resentments specifically when it comes to being hard on yourself, no one handles criticisms well -for me it seems the harder I try the more critical I feel the world is remember that’s all in your head sometimes people show that they care by being hard on you that much you have to accept about people trying to help you no one intends to hurt anyone who is going through something complicated in life not all your problems have to do with things ongoing in reality it’s true that delusions can manifest themselves in convincing you that things are real when it’s really just something that you’re personally going through made more or less serious based on how well you can express what it is you’re going through. Communication is key to stability whenever you give up in life doing your best youre more likely to say things that turn others off or make them understand you less, based on my own experiences tackling difficult emotions you’d be surprised once you start talking what’s real and some bottled up conclusion you have imprinted in your memory bank by default causing you insecurity. Remember your life in the positive this is how therapy or talking about life causes discomfort — I still have yet to understand the value of having problems or talking about problems without causing problems. Maybe means be open in a general way online and leave the specifics to more trusted spaces to talk to get into any details about your experiences in life what you thought what you think and what you’re not sure of. No matter how old you are that doesn’t mean your any less an expert in living life or knowing how to think I think we are all capable of being more understanding of ourselves and others. When my life gets out of control it won’t matter whether I’m doing well or not sickness happens without warning or explanation and it’s not caused or triggered by anything specific understood or misunderstood what matters is how you overcome a series of delusions or mishaps and not get sick or lose momentum and progress over anything not going right for you in life. Fighting happens it’s anyone taking their unhappiness out on you and them not being at peace until you become self destructive self harming no one deserves to get sick and no matter whether you’re doing your best or not don’t let anyone convince you you’re mentally ill by any diagnosis. So that’s why I took a break from blogging thats not doing well and waiting until I’m more stable to talk in public again. Life is challenging stressful and difficult the point of sharing is to have options in life stay positive get jobs be social and be able to date again and none of that can happen for you if you allow anyone to criticize you ruin your life on the basis of what they take personally – sometimes we get over it and forgive and sometimes the less understanding another is doesn’t entitle anyone to attack me then accuse me if not being understanding that’s negative judgment anyone who thinks they’re entitled to torment you criticize you or cause you self harm. No one deserves to be bullied and if anyone doesn’t like you that’s not your fault either their basis for attacking you. Being attacked made fun of makes me not want to blog and makes me feel suicidal and that’s not a condition meds can fix likes or blogging thats a result of someone not stopping and hurting my feelings. There’s no such thing as entitlement no matter who you are no one is justified in hurting anyone on the basis of what is talked about be judged as mentally ill then don’t get close to people and don’t expect people to make you feel important or smart you can’t take your personal attitude or beliefs out in people to make any point or destroy someone’s life on the basis of what you think they’re about in life so that’s being nice to people then attacked made fun of and that’s not what socialization is for.

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