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Recently struggling on new meds, things could be worse, so always thankful to be introduced to new solutions in life, the benefit of getting a second opinion, treatment, and medical care. Sometimes your best advisor in life can’t be there for you in a down, meaning you can’t help yourself, it’s a rare moment when you can’t even think your way out of a problem or difficulty, that’s life, sometimes a curve ball is thrown at you, in which you are either made to feel unstable or withdrawn completely, it’s hard to stay motivated and be on point when you can’t identify what it is wrong with you causing you problems in life why it’s best to stay positive sometimes the more you complain the worse things get and no one wants to be stuck in a fight about proving you or anyone wrong, I believe that everyone is entitled to feel however they want to feel that’s not where disappointment comes from it mostly occurs that when people are being vocal about what they think that it becomes less about your feelings in the event of disagreement that you can’t change in life what people think of you and the basis for them feeling smart put together or speaking for all. I’m sure this is a new issue how much we need to be there for eachother and what to be resilient to, in my mind all fighting equals chaos it’s like a non stop train you get put on until you crack or even worse someone lashes out on you no one needs to feel that sick of disappointed in life to illustrate whether they’re right or determine where the disappointment is coming from. If you’re out in the open thats the difficulty with being out in the open zone of what you have to say will not be good enough will not identify what the issue is and the time wasted fighting or arguing proves nothing but setting yourself off to a wasted energy space that no one is then responsible for where you wind up talking wise better off or worse off, unhappy or happy. That’s unhappiness we can do our best to be fun playful and cheer eachother off or find ourselves at a standstill don’t go on in any direction speaking wise you feel will hurt your ability to be respected on the basis of your general awareness for everyone else’s patience and feelings which should remain problem free for long enough for no one to be affected by anyone’s commentary negative or positive. When you find yourself alone in life that means work on yourself forgiveness sometimes happens or doesn’t I would rely less on trying to rationalize the degree of difficulty you face upon being insulted and just have more compassion for yourself and let the rest go, when things get worse is when in my life react poorly either self harming or switching meds or difficulty to talk to or read along with or know thats frustration and addiction nothing being good enough so don’t be one of those people who can’t overcome being pushed to your limits in life and fail. Everyone’s sense of peace matters. So if it’s not about love and if it’s not about friendship be sure to not overstep your boundaries or let anyone overstep your boundaries trying to tell you how to view your life or the importance of staying well on the basis of any identifying factors they try to instill in your memory bank as any excuse to throw you off or demonstrate being better than you. I think anytime you’re not well it’s hard to share your life with anyone, that’s how mental health works, either treated, fixed, hard to get through to, can’t change, can’t make happy, can’t overcome, or can’t put themselves back together. That’s not personal, less is more.

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