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Being Exposed …

You won’t understand anothers capability in hurting you until it happens it’s nothing that you expect to happen to you for any reason. Don’t wait until after the fact to stand up for yourself and say you know what you’re important but I’m important too. Everyone’s feelings get hurt when you stop doing well for whatever reason, that’s an automatic reaction to not expecting anyone doing well to suddenly not be doing well for any reason or for any content reasons occurring in private or public. That’s not an emergency someone forcing you to show your body or display intimacy and make you feel bad if you’re not in the mood that doesn’t illustrate whether you’re loving a good person or a bad person and that’s not a standard you should be held to to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and that’s modeling either you’re up for the challenge or not taken seriously and in the end it’s you that gets hurt on the basis of what photographs or videos are made treat you like you’re not trying hard or not being fun. When modeling becomes a source of criticism is when you are doing your best and being made fun or or criticized as though what you look like is not a good enough basis to leave you alone it shouldn’t amount to self harm suicide to illustrate that that’s not my intent to be made to not feel good about myself on the basis for what types of photographs were taken or why. That’s being exposed made to not feel comfortable that’s someone observing your life for criticism then hurting you on a personal basis or diagnosis to introduce you to the rest of the world as mentally ill or not recovered from mental health issues. Sometimes it’s by what you disclose becomes the basis for attacking you to illustrate you as mentally ill or addict to get other people to not like you or think like them see you as unintelligent or doesn’t make sense and looks after the best interest of your audience. So that’s occurring by someone making fake pages prompting me as mentally ill and gay whatever the reasons are prompting your dislike it won’t be until my life is ruined or made difficult that he thinks that his attempt to destroy my life is done for his personal interest in making me suicidal or self harm. I think you do your best and on the basis of insult made to not feel good which interferes with your ability to be close to anyone thereafter and results in hostility toward you for being stupid and talking to the wrong people in life. It’s now clear to me that it’s better to speak in public than in private to be criticized or go through my accounts or personal conversations accuse me of not being helpful or thoughtful if you don’t trust me if you don’t like me if you don’t see the value in what I have to say then I would say read something else find your own solution to your own problems and don’t hurt me to figure out what’s because of me based on hurting my condition to prove whatever you think is true about me. I don’t give up I don’t disappoint others I don’t ignore people and I don’t cause problems. Just because someone becomes dissatisfied with me doesn’t mean that any improvements success or failures need to be dictated by them based on a personal experience meeting me or knowing me it seems to be the trend that if I’m not doing well anyone feels entitled to criticizing me on the basis of what of what is or not going well deserved. From my experience you are either well motivated sincere thoughtful a top blogger or you get violated and treated like you’re higher up than you are and attacked based on whatever is occurring to blame you as based on your content helpful or not helpful. When things are going well everyone’s apart of that and in general when you are made to feel aggravated or without compassion for your condition that’s also not my cue to blame anyone and that’s how private troubles don’t explain public troubles anyone attacking me or criticizing me doesn’t see the value in my life my writing or where I’m at mentally given what’s going well for me and that’s to hurt my motivations in life so it becomes something I’ve experienced to turn others off and that’s not what messenger is for talking to people is for or trying to help when you get exposed that puts me at risk of harm caused me stress and interferes with my ability to distinguish whether I’m not well be wrongfully accused as having problems talking to anyone that’s why I’m being attacked to scare me and convince me there’s something wrong with ne when have I ever talked about mental health or bullying like it’s a easy subject. Whatever the issue is it’s about whether you are a good person and based on how popular you are embarrass me to make me look like I’m fake or stupid. I’m not the one who’s mean Im the one who gets manipulated and exposed because that makes them feel important since when is it’s anyone’s job when things are going well to hurt me to see what I sound like struggling rejected or not doing well. It’s that abrasive tension that is coming from anyone who thinks their entitled to trash you like anyone cares about who is looks stupid at a time like this anyone who is nice to people and later made fun of for it is to keep me scared or intimidated so that I lose confidence to someone portraying me as popular based on controversial terms or discussions if I wasn’t comfortable with myself not judgment then I wouldn’t be a popular blogger what doesn’t make sense is the issue post rejection since when does my condition entitle anyone to attack me or credit themselves for what is discussed well. It took me many years to be able to write well graduate be able to apply for jobs that’s no ones right to go through my pictures and criticize my life or what I have to say accuse me not of not being helpful, once you hurt someone you can’t expect me to not be bothered or mentally ill that means I did my best so the investigatory basis for attacking me is to expose what about me that can’t be taken back pictures forced to take to expose me as stupid. And I’m not committing suicide based on someone portraying me as sex addict when that’s not the basis for any conversation sexuality love or attachment, people do best when you leave them alone those have been the best relationships not this ongoing control credit issue amplifying every issue to attack me based on how I respond. Maybe you don’t need me but I need myself maybe you don’t think highly of me but I like myself maybe it’s your issue with me that’s the problem.

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