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There’s nothing less important than an individual interest to be proven right no amount of personal suffering can ever excuse any justification for any failure affecting yourself or others. So if you are ever made to feel small or less important that’s not always purposeful or caused with justification stemming from any las abiding body of viewers existing in not existing in the basis of you personal troubles in life. There’s being right and there’s being wrong and there’s also support. When it becomes unnecessary to be supported in life that means that no sides or systems going well for everyone can be made better on the basis of what’s not going well for you personally need not ne affected on an individual basis tested or experimented with to recognize what’s not working or working for others, no obsession or focus on any negatives ever led to quiet solution or peace of mind for any parry affected or traumatized by any number of problems not of their own doing, whenever a situation is shocking occurs based on who it affects and so long as your problems or difficulty affects others it becomes less important at what stage you were apart of for what reasons made to be included no matter whether the help ongoing is specified to help you specifically or others for random reasons made influential for anyone’s comprehension. I think by use of any basis coming from you if ever illustrated as an idea was never for the purpose to make easy or do away with anything having gone wrong. At different points in your life disappointment can occur so whatever is wrong with you will always be wrong with you and a source for attack whether you overcome disappointment past or whether on a personal basis you get treated in the future as someone who either doesn’t recognize discomfort or worse yet be treated as a let down or heavy subject of disapproval, that is by rejection, once your responses in life become considered insult is when anything you say is interpreted as making light of any situation assumed to have a big head on subjects you think is a cute way of approaching subjects your not fit to comment on that means there is risk so if you sound stupid or feel stupid talking about something in life that could just mean your not fit to lead the discussion better suited to someone who recognizes overtime a better way of utilizing the concept of bringing people together – it seems to not be the solution to be made to think about anyone in common by a number of approvals once the learner basis for discomfort is to portray anyone as not being sensitive to the feelings of others. That’s the difference between sharing your life and being treated as offensive or being criticized or insulted on the basis of commentary past. Whatever situation occurs for you in life whether to be reminded or to feel like anyone you’ve not been close to, it’s by sharing your experiences in life that causes dislike toward you and that’s to make you seem insensitive in the basis of what helps you hurts you or makes vulnerable any system for solution that’s not about you or illustrate a solution that doesn’t make sense or helps others to feel close to or situate their own thinking in support of others absent minded you. That’s how you know when you are not apart of, being at peace means not questioning others, and sometimes in order for upset to be at peace, requires more work to reinforce the place of what’s possible in opposition to your own comforts in life, that’s exposure it either provides insight or quiet condemnation of any source for whatever reasons anyone determines a failure on the part of anyone who they identify as having problems in life not to expose others to. So there’s no need to identify argue or prove wrong anyone’s upset or anger whether you understand where it’s coming from or not the best way to handle criticism is not yo allow for anyone to feel hurt, so that’s mental health, addiction, and treatment, you either complain on the basis of what you do or don’t have in life become defensive or an unwanted seriousness or strength beyond comfort which is stress induced by what you’ve not done right be accused of not helping or hurting what is going well for others which is not to be disturbed by individual failures in life which should not affect what’s going well for most people – not be made to think about anyone who has problems viewed as not taking into consideration the progress of others which should not be dictated by any one person who is being treated as food for thought or example to make any inappropriate deductions about their experiences being in public supported or not supported is not how anyone determines whether the issue is well known or specific to any person they deem to not be a credible source out as an unwanted common thread to any existing language or understanding get back to or forced to face or comprehend any different life known by everyone or not memorialized by anyone’s decisions having to do with any pre-existing common discomfort make anyone feel like they don’t have that right to either bond on the basis of knowing you or being disappointed in you not let disappointment be the basis upon which you finally recognize insult or how your life has been viewed to appear unimpressive or a source of heartache or pain on the basis of when you’ve not been well or not stayed well or have ever allowed for any negative attention to occur during a period of low self worth or lack of ability. Seems like fighting either sets you off in the wrong direction or makes you seem like someone who responds to negativity a bad decision maker or a less admired person not excused or viewed as doesn’t make sense or is trying to excuse any experience in life shared where the person trying to identify whether what’s gone wrong as demonstrated by someone who has ever called negative attentions to self or anyone who has met them as purposefully exposing others to your life – the error being who comes into your life either not deserving of support or make you seem like someone who exposes others to risk or misinterpretation … that’s empathy. You won’t always see the big picture under attack and when you let others win, then you’re heartbreak moments of struggle or recover are not remembered empathized with, accepting your own struggles in life means not to subject anyone to being viewed as guilty or deserving of criticism treat you or anyone you know as avoidant or equally affected if you disappoint in life I think that’s a popularity contest that can’t be won in n any basis through any discussion —so that’s not fighting and if the basis for a win is to witness you not making self or be attacked as not helping, I’ve always done my best to handle my problems separately it’s not a situation you can pretend through — the benefit of reading along with everyone either until it becomes personal or empathized with on a common basis for knowing you however created results in my discomfort, rationalized by anyone trying to communicate through me for themselves or others by creating a common basis for viewing me as stupid or not respectful which cannot be proven wrong through words once you don’t feel good that much you have to accept not allow anyone to feel justified on the basis for disappointment occurring when doing well or not well that’s a fight you can’t stop or see coming – that’s not the solution until realized to recognize what’s gone wrong that you can’t change anyone who treats you as mentally ill and for no effort to not fight or voice your discomforts heard is also not the basis for giving up based on discussion of “auditory delusion,” being called names. Whatever the reason is it also doesn’t need to be brought up as defense or explanation for any period of instability or self harm, therefore any later stage of strength doesn’t mean that I’m immune to any reason I’m being treated or private spaces violated or shared for there to be any justified excuse fora worse mental health condition. People do what they think is right and it’s unfortunate when someone hurts you because they think they’re doing something right to prove to others you’re mentally ill or schizophrenic. Once you get put down in life made fun of or not met with sensitivity means they don’t care about what you’ve shared or what details you’ve shared whatever the problem is is viewing me in the negative and there’s no limit to proving someone wrong making them feel bad about themselves making me look stupid or hurting me to voice an opinions until they find others or create a situation for anyone to identify with them or their perceived disappointment or loss suffered due to who I am where I am what I’m doing what my potential is what is going well what is going wrong out what’s in error in my part and what that relates to or is the cause for a bigger problem or an individual problem with me justified on n the basis of what is specifically discussed mentioned or thought a visible defect illustrated by my demeanor or choices alone separate if affecting anyone. Whatever it is defective about me and whatever it is that stands out that makes sense to you can mean whatever you think is a past justification for relationship between my output who’s been disappointed hurt or exposed to my life that either can or cannot be helped on the basis of what I’ve gone wrong that’s nothing you can argue make true explain or discuss what’s known or not known thought to have happened it may not be your place to recognize or explain in error and subject anyone to unwanted inference in life for any expression to be credited as related you that’s how solution gets devalued tainted by an association to anyone disliked or disfavored, why to not allow for anything to be made about you in the event that you are hurt that hurts anyone misunderstood to be representing anything coming from you or be viewed as being represented by anyone who can later lose confidence inspiration or enthusiasm just as anyone who is put down in life, not deserving of criticism or hardship, that’s the point at which you either relate and hurt others by story viewed as the cause for disempowerment pr left alone not triggered for analysis to prove or disprove a basis for discomfort or later attack be because of relationship not illustrates by you or ever having served as a common basis for expressing discomfort disappointment expectation or loss of support based on your own failures in life, that’s allowing the well not to be misrepresented affected by you, so that’s what defamation insult and fighting is for finding people like them who liked you and then angered by you criticizing your mental health on the basis of relationships close or not denominate you as a source of hurt or purposeful let down — watched for reaction disability or writing viewed in hardship suffering or not on point make you seem like you don’t have limits or discomforts which cannot be cured if you are viewed poorly. That’s a fight you can’t win, any fight to justify or rationalize what doesn’t go right as being your fault without telling you whether everyone knows you thinks everything’s your fault or for the purpose of viewing the totality of the circumstances assumes that you do or don’t or in denial of anything wrong occurring watch you speak with a noticeable defect to see what you sound like when you look stupid or anything is assembled you blame you to establish any pattern of how anything bad occurs, if you see it or ignore it and it’s not responded to it doesn’t matter how all that matters is by the time you think about it you put your needs aside to tackle any situation either brought yo your attention treated as knowingly your fault or a consequence of your behavior wrong wrongfully accused of substance use or abuse or reasons for treatment it’s whatever illustrates you and in the wrong then becomes the pattern for reassurance what you’ve done wrong or proving you are in the wrong and that’s what makes writing worthless. So that’s not being selfish that’s making sure that no one you contact is affected by anything that anyone thinks of you for any reason and that’s no situation anyone is strong enough for to be attacked to be prosecuted or attacked to support anyone mentioned or not mentioned by you insulted or not insulted let down or disappointed it’s whatever you talk about you’re responsible for so that’s public shaming creates support for those disappointed — that’s being treated a reminder hurtful or purposeful. There’s no arguing around what’s hurtful you either lose respect look bad or treated as a let down on any basis not explained to you, no one should get sick or be attacked on any false premise to be illustrated as wastes time or loses time not knowing what’s important to them so if that’s a situation mismanaged obviously that means I’m not viewed in the positive which doesn’t entitle anyone to ruthlessly attack me on the basis of who is suffering as a result of me looking stupid, take personally – recovery means things are going well – so that’s not my fault who hurts me insults me then pretends in public to support me or tries to build compassion by not affecting others or affecting me on the basis of who is harmed justify their use of force or exposing me to condemn me as exposing my family or anyone I know to stupid decision making or any unwanted closeness to any opposition.

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