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What Creates Risk? Personal? …

What creates a risk personal, this I think in terms of what the purpose for story telling is, I recognize on Twitter if its in short, and if it’s a scary way to think of things or worry if applies to my life means that is why I call the police or the FBI, that’s not something I need an attorney for interpretation, so how do you get well, its not the number of issues that anyone you think is running past you like you are not aware if you are known or of influence positive to anyone of value or in power, it starts first with what are your risks in life safety wise, by the life that you are or are not leading, so that doesn’t entitle you to choices in life, when either you are not made to feel safe, or live a lesser life, insecure, by problems or mental health issues, made to think that you are known by more or whoever specific any safer than if you were not known, and this is how storytelling either can be of benefit or of no benefit, if you don’t feel safe apart of or if you don’t have a life in which you are apart of others around people of trust, then you cant possibly understand the risk of being known in a public way, and not liked, that not just for the purposes of making you not feel safe, unprotected without a bodyguard, it just means that either you have report in the event that you get sick or don’t feel safe, and later confidence in life occurs not by whats pointed out to you, made to feel scared if relevant to anything you post in public, if you call the FBI or the police, then you don’t have to be scared or face any unwanted pressures in life, like your life or story is not heartwarming in a way that provides solution to others, so this is when things come to your attention, that you are either made to worry or be assumed to have guilt, like its your story or what you point out that is causing any disturbance public in the news or political, Ive learned that in interaction with others, it wont be about you, and you wont interpret anything as being about you, if you have nothing to fear and do your best, then its not for you to worry, what hits you or doesn’t hit you in life as important or relevant, or anyone that anyone is made to not feel confident by, everyone lives life, and we all see things differently, and some of us live publicly on social media for people to browse or view or not even gravitate toward be a person of interest, either you are harmless, or what you thought is harmless, that’s a good reason to get used to figuring out your mental health issues, and be able to not interpret anyone as doing anything to point anything out to you, or take insult or be tested in life to see whether you are defiant, or defensive, or guilty, or made to feel scared, like its an issue that you have or not able to speak to, no one has a secret life of being supportive or able to share or not share about stresses in life, and while we may not all relate to one anothers story, that doesn’t mean that in talking people will focus in on, or lighten up to one another on the basis of what they can hear or cant hear on the basis of what stands out to them relevant to their own life or being stated not with any intent for anyone to hear and relate to themselves. I think we all go through life, being tested based on our honesty, integrity, and privacy concerns, respected, and this you hopefully don’t learn the hard way in sharing your own life, why its important that upon being around others, that you have experience blogging, so that you get the importance of not talking about life, to subject anyone to unwanted attentions according to your story, whatever the value is in telling something Ive noticed, to me that’s important, and I do recognize the risk to my health or the health of others in the event that Im not doing well, which is maybe why Ive become less personal, maybe sharing my government observations is not helpful, I think that public safety is about people not feeling exposed, and for you to have a life, that upon knowing you, they don’t have to be described or talked about kept a log of in public, that’s being an honest human being, what respect is about, is that so long as you are not treated like you get close to people, to have things to talk about, that’s also a concern, for mistreatment or misinterpretation, that’s not the difficulty in life, having a life to talk about or people, that’s with notification of whats being said and why, it takes a long time before you can make people feel safe, be trusted as smart, whether or not you have something of value to say, or recognize or don’t recognize your worth or mental health issues, as unimpressive, that’s your stability where you are in life, don’t expect anyone who has lived life in any higher positions in life, to be able to tell you what it is that is going wrong for you in life, that’s something that you have to figure out on your own, when people are happy with you, or not happy with you, and what you look like, you will feel well, once you have a life that you are proud of, its hard to go by others and not have a life for yourself, that you feel a fullness, or being focused on what you are good at in life, I don’t think its fair to switch careers, or not be confident in life, doing things that we are not skilled in or schooled in, that would have been worth graduating for, not for the accolade or impression to others to see me as smart, that was for me, something that I focused on in life that I did well in no matter what else didn’t work out for me in life, you wont be able to help others, so long as you don’t have something public to say about your demeanor in life, success or failure, travels, running, who you know, who you meet, or what you have to say, no one with a lesser life, is ever made to feel like they completely belong, that takes time, overtime, as you become mor comfortable with sharing your story and having some system of not letting anyone be affected by who you know or where you have been that’s how you help organizations that help keep people safe, not let you be treated like you are similar to someone who has offended or harmed others be made a joke or by story or theme they think should relate to your progress in life or what you have to say, what makes you not a comfortable subject is when you fail and because of your failures in life are viewed to not be apart of, or the cause for any other failure in life, situation wise, and no I don’t think that hospital is the solution for handling a hard story or how to share about life, that’s not a guilty way to have a concern about how you are viewed, as either benefiting the safety needs of others, not be treated like you are known in a negative way and attract any type of disrespect in life on the basis of your life story or who you know or what you have said, or experienced in life, that’s not being treated like you are close to people in a physical way, or sexual toward anyone, Im someone who didn’t date in high school, so its extremely inappropriate to not allow for me to move on, and to date again, be treated like Im an embarrassing subject or not a person of value having gone to law school not a secret discomfort, known. Not everyone knows you in the negative until you take things personally, so be strong.

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