Know Your Limits …

I was just thinking this today, knowing my limits. So much about connecting with others is feeling the peace, that sense of warmth in knowing that you’re thinking about life and that others are too trying to better understand themselves if not others. So do take the time to step back from your problems, it may feel important, it may seem urgent, but don’t let the damage be done! That means don’t let yourself get hurt in the process of managing your stresses and mental hurdles in life, life is beautiful in that way, working on one thing and feeling a certain way then picking up another activity (like reading books) and feeling another way, back to that quiet focused place in life at least for me. So be kind to yourself! When you are able to put things down that’s a good sign also important is your ability to get help when you do that you’re allowing someone else to give you feedback on what it is you’re thinking and where you have to go in terms of working on what’s not working for you mentally and spiritually. I noticed in recovery through medication changes, you don’t always feel good and you do feel tired thats okay! We all have those days when we are on (reading and writing) or off (stressed out can’t stop thinking) so find your balance. I wish you the best of luck this coming week and I hope that you continue to stay centered in whatever it is you are doing in life.

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