Getting Through the Tough Stuff …

We all want to do well, and sometimes that’s not the case when you are in any difficult moment in life that it feels like you cant get yourself out of. Recently I have been feeling this way with mental health issues, and changing meds, its like you forget how you used to be before you had problems, and you go into delusion, that things wont be the same or that things are worse, and that’s simply not the case, it may take some time to adjust but time doesn’t work in that way, usually it heals, if only you would stop being so hard on yourself. What I need to do a better job of in therapy is keeping track of whats working for me, I have to remind myself, of what my triggers are, and when things are good to recognize why things are good, and to continue making sure that I stay on that path, I guess it was nothing that I noticed when I was doing well, I just kind of kept going in life, I guess that’s the expression for people who keep busy, it actually works you would be amazed when everything stops which was recently for me, I wasn’t doing my usual running, and blogging everyday, and making quotes, and just went on and on on Twitter, I don’t know what got into me, that’s also an expression, you will find yourself in moods that don’t allow you to budge, or don’t give you that much wiggle room when it comes to being unhappy with yourself or your work product, it kind of weighs you down and makes you feel like, why did I do that to myself, and why am I not feeling good now, that’s an episode, when it comes to bipolar, you just keep going and its not the usual you, and it can be really frustrating to get back to feeling good, and you know what I don’t think that life has to be that way feeling good all the time and I think that’s okay, its okay to work hard, isn’t that the best, when you have something to do, which is why blogging instead of working was the best thing I could’ve done for myself in the time that I stopped working, it was a way for me to move forward and that’s so important when you have problems, to be able to monitor your progress and move forward in a way that you begin to feel good about yourself again, and proud of yourself and what you are doing with your life, some people have it worse they always remind you, but when you have it good in life, there is no better feeling than being happy with yourself. 

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