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Managing Discomfort …

It takes awhile to be comfortable in your own skin. I wouldn’t say that the feeling of being comfortable with yourself is age based, any amount of insecurity can hit you in life, so be ready for it before it happens, and stay true to your roots. At the root of the problem, when it comes to insecurity, is that lack of confidence you feel in the realm of any number of emotions that leave you feeling like less than in life, it happens to the best of us. According to, “feeling insecure about yourself all the time can take a toll on every aspect of your life, from your physical health and emotional well-being to how you perform at your job.” [1] This is why to stay on top of things, I’m talking about your schedule, your diet, your exercise routine, your sleep schedule, your medication management, your supplement management, your social skills, your communication skills, your romantic life, and your professional life, it seems like when there is a problem in one aspect of your life it affects your motivations and enthusiasm for conquering your goals in other aspects of your life. Getting going in life, has been one of my difficulties, while overcoming mental health issues, and I can tell you this much, that once I get going, it feels like I can accomplish anything, and you should feel the same way about yourself, so start simple. Think of one thing you can do each day, each week for yourself to bring you closer to feeling more and more like the you that you remember, maybe when things were going better for you in life, or when you had more options, that’s just the time period, when you are struggling in any aspect of your life, you can wind up feeling more tired than energized and that’s totally okay, have faith, you will get your power back. They say that, “There are going to me moments when you fumble — it’s just part of life.” [2] For example, when it comes to weight loss and gain, I am no stranger to the insecurities that arise based on how you look, I was never a mirror or makeup person in college and up and through law school its only recently that I have paid more attention, and that’s not vanity, I hate when you are focusing on self-love and taking good care of yourself and looking good, that doesn’t automatically mean that you are into yourself, or if you see someone that way that doesn’t mean that they are into themselves, why the negative viewpoint, don’t think that way. Its okay to be easy going, and to not care what you look like, but think about the benefits of simply caring, don’t wait until you notice negative changes such as weight gain and wrinkles to know that its time to start taking better care of yourself, or a traumatic doctors appointment of bad news, god forbid, we have all been there or heard some horror story or been faced with the pressure to suddenly get well, and get well fast, whether its to take care of others, or better take care of ourselves, that pressure exists but you don’t have to go at it alone. Maybe that’s why I joined a gym recently, its okay to not look the part, I used to think that I had to lose 50 lbs just to look cute in a gym outfit at the gym and be around other people who are fit, don’t think that way, sometimes you have to just start from where you are, without being concerned of what others think, think instead the time will come, when I will get positive attentions in life, and by the time I am in a place when people are beginning to notice me, that that’s because I have been paying close attention to everything that I need to work on and have focused on myself. You’ll be much better off with self-awareness, than you will allowing for any feelings of paranoia, or insecurity to get the best of you, life feels so much better lived at ease, if only you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, that’s the type of place you should strive to be in in life, feeling good about yourself, and the better you feel about yourself, the better others will feel about you. There is always time, so quit harping on the past, and thinking that its too late, or write yourself off as disabled and not going places in life, there is always time to turn your life around for the better, whether you become the best at something, wealthy, or successful, that doesn’t matter, what matters is the day to day progress that you are able to make, that is what carries you into the next phase of life with a little less to worry about, and a little more experienced getting through those hurdles in life, without having to stop life completely just to make it through a feeling or a state of being, wouldn’t that be great that instead of a rehab or treatment center you can just go to a soulcycle class, or yoga class, and meditate and feel good again, with clarity, that’s how I think things should be, its very traumatic, to have to establish a routine for yourself that works, we have all been there, whats therapy like, whats AA like, whats going to the hospital like, whats rehab like, I feel like theres less stigma today than there was, so don’t give up, remind yourself that you can and will get through this, pace yourself, don’t overshare about it on social media, maintain a private life, be respectful of the boundaries of others busy problem solving their own lives, and be that person who is capable again, no matter what your disabilities are.




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