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Keep Busy …

If you’re not a blogger then most of what you do occurs in the privacy of your own computer or phone that you don’t have to worry about anyone critiquing how you keep your life organized. I think if you are someone who works in public it can be a completely different ball game, with a higher expectation for seeing how you do things, with concern for your motivations in life, and with curiosity for how you put things together and why. I think if you’re successful and able to earn an income through blogging then that’s something you would share with your audience how you were able to make money blogging. I don’t think that I’m that type of blogger, and I don’t think I have the same goals as most bloggers, traffic is great, but if you don’t have anything to offer your audience you also don’t want to run the risk of turning people off or wasting their time. Why to make sure that you’re in a good place in life before coming forward and sharing your ideas, conversations, and thoughts with the world, you’ll be glad you waited and made sure you were put together rather than overpromoting yourself too early in the game. There will be a time when it’s appropriate to market yourself or the services you have to offer to the community at large, whether based on your own experiences and expertise sharing wisdom, or through formal training able to coach others through the many pitfalls encountered along your path to becoming a blogger or whatever specialty career wise you focused on. There will always be standards, learn from observation, then go your own way, it matters less who you are like, and what’s more important is what you are like. Don’t compare yourself, everyone’s finished work product will be different, depending on whether you are catering to a small audience or a big audience – we all speak differently, and the bigger your audience the probably less necessary it is to share personal stories from your life. You’ll notice that you just won’t feel as comfortable sharing if it’s not something you have already figured out in private through therapy or counseling. -With regards to photography, just do your best. I know that selfies and photos has not been my strength not because I don’t look the part in real life, it’s because I don’t know how to take a clean photo, it never mattered whether I was in shape or not it matters how you put yourself together and the lens you use and filter all of that can help. Moving forward, be approachable … life isn’t perfect and there will always be moments when you sit back and wonder what you can do to better serve your audiences needs given your own experiences in life past or recent holding you back in life. No one expects you to be perfect. And you don’t have to disclose all your personal challenges staying busy and not be easily affected by any negative interpretation especially if it’s not information that you have disclosed publicly then you will have no reason to question the basis for a negative interpretation of you. Take all criticism with a grain of salt. I think like most relationships there is always an opportunity for romance down the line that’s if you pass all the tests trust wise I don’t think that if anyone doesn’t consider you a close friend or confidant that you are capable of being given any space to get to know one another more intimately or romantically. If you’re not in a good place in life or if you are busy working it can be hard to have those moments with others I know building my blog I may talk a lot that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to take a break snd work on a relationship you have to be in a good place in life to date of be romantic so I guess that’s what texting and messenger is for it’s for sharing progress and in sharing progress in the event that someone becomes interested or approves of you they will let you know. And you can interpret that any way you want I think it’s intended to reassure you when someone is being supportive of you, that doesn’t mean that a loving relationship will always form whenever you open up or someone opens up to you usually not. I can see that past the point of going through a difficulty in life romance is a situation that gets introduced to you, you might not be paying attention busy working on yourself, but don’t let those opportunities pass you by, when someone is interested in you always be kind. The right people sometimes come around or into our lives at the wrong times, maybe we’re not ready, maybe we aren’t in a good place in life, just be happy to meet people. That’s the best way to show that you appreciate support from someone without making them feel rejected by you just because you are too busy to be loving or friendly. I think as you become more successful in life and as you get going again it’s easier to socialize and to open up again … just don’t subject yourself to going through the same pains in life over and over again simply because of who you like or how you live your life. Not all romance, crushes, or friendships need to be shared in public not everyone will understand where you are coming from or what you have been through to understand why you talk to certain people, and prefer to blog rather than go to AA and therapy. Solve what you can yourself not everyone has the privilege of having a blog to chart their progress so be thankful that you have all your visual representations of progress in the form of selfies and writing online the benefit of participating. —So be kind, don’t take things personally, it’s okay to feel close to people, it’s okay to like people, it’s okay to open up to people, it’s okay to love someone, it’s okay to feel alone, it’s okay to be defiant, and it’s okay to make mistakes. Talking is a big step, and if you are or were someone like me quiet who never went to therapy, then you won’t be the expert in opening up and you also won’t have a good barometer or be the best personal measure of what you do or don’t have to talk about with other or disclose, less is more especially if it’s complicated.

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