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Responding to Loss …

When something happens that strikes a chord with us, many emotions can be felt some you won’t be able to identify in yourself and that’s okay. I think relationships are something we can all relate to as being difficult and painful at times, and we hope that things get better not worse. That’s what reporting is for, I don’t think now serves as a good example of how things should turn out and that’s the shocking part that when someone is told to stop they don’t stop and no one expects to continue to endure any trauma associated with someone not respecting their boundaries and need to live free of harm, that’s the downside to fighting, argument, and abuse it can get worse if the proper precautions are not taken to ensure the safety and well being of those who do report whether or not it’s their fault, no one brings it upon themselves to be hurt in life, not a victim, not an addict, not a woman, and not a man, no matter what the situation is, we all have boundaries for comfort and feeling a sense of peace no matter how stressful life gets or who is mad at us we all deserve that space to heal, be left alone, and not bombarded with any amount of accusations as though we call it upon ourselves to experience problems or difficulties by the lives we choose, not everyone chooses to be subjected to criticism or harm and hopefully we don’t wait until it’s too late to get our breathing room and think past those moments of harm. It’s not a feeling you can stick out, when relationships are done, sometimes that’s for the best. They say that love brings out the best in us. What Ive learned as a blogger, performing online, has taught me so much about limits in life, what’s too much, what people can respond to, and what people fall silent to. I know that right now everyone is thinking about their favorite influencers in life and all the times they’ve ever worried for them or been uncomfortable, it happens, the strength comes with a territory, knowing how to make your life better and in doing so hopefully make the lives of those around you better and to me that’s what social media is about, expressing yourself in a way that makes others feel okay with themselves and adds to that necessary reassurance we need to know that we are in control, we can overcome our problems, and that most of what bothers us is not as big of a deal as we have made it out to be in our heads. This was a tough year, for social media influencers performing through COVID, job losses, addictions, riots, marches, homelessness, shootings, vaccination controversies, evacuation concerns in Afghanistan, and mass migration to the states in Texas, it’s almost overwhelming to think about everything all at once, it’s almost beyond the days when problems if not our own didn’t bother us, I wish that was the case today, all I know is that things won’t get better until we get better just like on social media, it’s that general comfort you feel to see others doing well without the paranoia that consumes you in the days when you recognize how fragile life is, what happen to our 20s when we took chances, when we slept like rocks, when we loved beyond comparison our favorite mates, it’s all still possible, just get our cares in order. I was so impressed by the public outcry and reporting street side that says something about our generation that we care and recognize the difference between what’s normal and what needs police intervention and review that’s huge! I know as a blogger it took me many years to figure out what’s in need of reporting what can be handled through email, and how to avoid falling victim to schemes and not get robbed or taken advantage of, the online world is just like the real world same risks, however some of us choose to brave the weather just to be on social media without hopefully not worrying anyone who is following alone not be bothered by the same risks in life. Thinking of everyone hope you all continue to stay strong despite ongoing events and appreciate those moments of peace when you have the freedom to make progress unhinged by unsurmounting inner turmoil faced by those who have yet to break free from the harm they’ve suffered not contribute to those social ills.

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