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You Can’t Always Get What You Want …

You can’t always get what you want in life, and sometimes what you want in life isn’t what you need, or what you need you think will help bring you closer to getting what you want. There are always incentives for self-betterment, you never expect for things to start working out for you when they do, be surprised, it’s shocking how much time is wasted in being negative about ourselves or our outlook. I’m not one to complain, but when things aren’t going my way in life and when there is no one to complain to, sometimes that’s what love is for, being reassured that as is things will be okay, and being okay with what you have is so important to staying happy and feeling motivated to make those changes for yourself in life. Have faith. Sometimes love helps to restore faith in yourself to reach your goals in life it can give you that extra cushion to push yourself, after all whats life doing for yourself what you can’t do for others. Believe in yourself. To me it’s my thinking that creates a setback it’s not believing in myself or feeling stuck, who hasn’t been there needing to be reminded of all that you are and all that you can be. There’s a purpose for all of us it’s all a matter of finding your purpose in life. Think about all the days you spent struggling just to get to where you are now, focus on what needs to get done, where do you want to be in life and start thinking about what you need to do in order to get there. There’s always a good reason whenever you are made to pause and think about the past, there’s maybe a lesson in that whether you are journaling about it, talking to a therapist about it, or discussing it on your blog, everything you’re going through right now if dealt with productively will bring you closer to the version of yourself you want to become. No one likes baggage. I was someone who thought that my options were limited in life on the basis of what’s gone wrong for me, I’m not that way anymore, I now see potential in myself again, room for growth, I feel like being loving again, I want to get back in touch with old friends, I started applying for jobs again, all of these steps you take for yourself are huge! Pat yourself on the back. One of my biggest struggles is confidence I remember 2018 talking to my ex-Boss about one skill I’m lacking or weakness, confidence! I always seem to be staring at the ground, posture slumped, and head in my lap when talking to a group of people, soft spoken, I’m not sure how I got that way but when it becomes super obvious to others that you’re going through things, you will get back to your usual self you can’t stay locked into your problems for the rest of your life eventually you’ll have to set yourself free.



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