Be a Strong Person …

All things aside you are you, so accept yourself as you are now and go from there. What does it mean to be a strong person? It means that whatever emotions or feelings get thrown you’re way you know how to respond in the positive. It means doing for yourself what needs to get done to not be brought down by any pains in life, it means you know that you are capable and won’t let anything stop you in your tracks. So today on #worldmentalhealthday, I just wanted to remind you to never give up. It’s so easy when we don’t stay on track, goal setting, and focusing on managing our symptoms that things can begin to fall by the wayside, don’t worry! Pause, breathe, take a step back. You might not be new to living life, but it’s certainly possible that you may be new to this way of life, aware of what needs work, what needs to get done, and what’s keeping you from reaching your goals in life. Talk less and do more, you don’t have to explain yourself to everyone, so long as you care about yourself enough to get out of a difficult situation then it’s better to imagine a crowd of people cheering you on then draw a crowd at your lowest moment in life. Oh they’ll be there when you come out of a mess, and be glad for the fact that most people maybe won’t congratulate you before becoming interested in how you got out of a mess, roll the credits! Life doesn’t stop … not on a good day and not on a bad day, ever notice that, there’s always more to get done or not enough work has been done, it’s just one day, stop analyzing your entire life and stay focused on the task at hand, you might not be getting any younger but that also doesn’t mean that in your time lost that you ruined your life, it happens! Just keep your head up, keep going, and don’t look back. Be strong for the day when you become faced with discussing what has occurred in your life that kept you down and out, focus on being strong for the moment that things start working out for you and you have to keep going, and be strong for the ones you love who were there for you through everything and then some, maybe one day you will have to be there for others, including them.



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