Many Reasons for Upset …

There can be many reasons for upset, not limited only to people who are important, there are some of us too, who maybe are not as important, but still hurt on the basis of who we are, lets not call it discrimination quite yet, but focus more on what can be done on your end to remove from the equation a few defective character placements, that hurt your ability to communicate well. Things to make sure youre doing:

  • Being positive, having positive things to say about yourself.
  • Being analytical, understanding and compassionate for the interests of all.
  • How are you behaving, are you appearing in a way that shows respect.
  • Is there something about you unlikeable, do you seem too serious.
  • What is uplifting about an occasion, what are you going through personally.
  • Do you ask for help when needed, do you go to the appropriate resources.
  • Are you being too hard on yourself, are others being too hard on you.
  • Is what you are experiencing under your control, whats not in your control.
  • Who is supporting you, are you being aggravated, how does that affect others.

When going through a lot it can feel like too much within yourself, and maybe not everyone is understanding of what bothers you, nor should you be punished in the event that you feel harmed or going through something serious. I just called the police and they stopped by my house to talk about what is going on online, and about feelings hurt by someone. You know if that’s not something that they can fix in the immediate, maybe its something that needs your attention, but not everyones attention, to know what is going on or what has happened to you, its really not the business of anyone or for argument, if someone is hurting you. Just get help. 


Crisis Hotline for Online Abuse (Revenge Porn): 844-878-2274




Maybe you don’t know people who this has happened to, and you would never expect for something like this to happen to you on the basis of who you know, be a politically motivated move on the part of the wrongdoer to hurt you and make you look stupid, don’t fall victim to plots and schemes, to make you seem like you are not a good person, loveable, and deserving of respect, don’t be intolerant, be proactive, there are people who specialize in helping people who have sexuality issues, or who enjoy phone sex, its not always for people who are professionals, fragile, or diagnosed with conditions where they can easily be taken advantage of, its not your fault. The big idea is to not engage in online sexual relationships with people who you don’t know, or would take it upon themselves to scare you, intimidate you, or expose you to subject you to harm or any unwanted attentions, that’s too much for anyone. To be located, followed, harassed, or put hits out on you and your phone and computer, for people to harm you and treat you like you are that way in private with others elsewhere, Im not. Its your choice who you choose to be in loving relationships with, there is too much expectation nowadays for you to receive attentions on the basis of who is willing to have sex with you or finds you attractive, that should not be the basis for people to deciding whether or not to respect you on the basis of whether you get them hard, or whether theyre turned off by you, that’s not appropriate to put the images of anyone online, to run a poll on a persons identity, about whether or not they are sincere in their efforts to get you hard or whether youre the one being the spoiled brat complaining about the love that was given to you then trash me online!

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