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Don’t Give Up …

Whatever it is that is keeping you from reaching your goals in life, never give up. Sometimes its when we are feeling tired, we fall out of sorts, that’s completely normal to have meltdowns, panic attacks, and feel overwhelmed, it happens to the best of us, even myself. You would be surprised that some of the most successful people, have overcome hurdles such as feeling overwhelmed, and have still managed to get the job done. For example, in order to build my blog, it required me to write everyday, there were days I was in bed all day, there were days when I was not walking everyday, there were days when I was single had no love in life, and there were times when I had love in life, but not ready or good enough to start dating yet. Im telling you, there are a lot of unhappy people in life, just don’t be one of them, no matter what turn the conversation takes for better or worse, don’t allow someones problem with you to become your problem, you owe it to yourself to stay positive. People have issues, you wont always understand what someones needs are not unless you are stable and not affected by their commentary, don’t take things personally, its common for people to lash out on people who are doing well, I have experienced this myself. No one has the energy for negativity, just don’t let it get the best of you. Try to stay positive, people have different wants and needs and expect you to focus on them, or make you feel bad about what theyre feeling talking to you, you cant fulfill everyones limits to help them get to the happy version of themselves, that they expect you to take them down that road in life. Its everyones opportunity and everyones duty in life, to have some respect for their own journey in life, including the journeys of others. We might not all be in the same place, some more vocal than others, and we wont all feel good, the main point is not to allow someones displeasure with you to cause you to not feel good about yourself, or knock you off center from your place in life. Some tips for never giving up:

  • Beauty: Have you bought new makeup, are you drinking water, do you take a multi-vitamin, do you exercise regularly, and focus on skin-care -start a new regime.
  • Body: Are you exercising daily, how many steps a day are you taking, have you gotten your blood pressure taken recently, are you managing your stress, do you look healthy.
  • Work: Have you applied for jobs, do you continue to apply, are you working a job, how efficient are you at getting tasks done, do you ask questions, are you on time.
  • Social Skills: Are you checking on your friends, do you send outgoing texts, do you make plans, are you stuck at home too often, what are your resources available to you.
  • Time Management: How are your days moving along, are the weeks blowing by, do you experience long days or short days, how are you managing your time, are you goal setting, and are you able to reach your daily goals, how are you prioritizing your time.
  • Diet: How are you feeling, are you tired, dehydrated or lethargic, how are the meds interacting with your physiology, are you exercising, have you amended your diet. 

These are a few things that I keep in mind, when its time to review my progress, everyone is different, different things will make you feel whole and complete. There will be different remedies for different problems that you experience in life, and it wont always be through blogging and talking that you figure everything out either so don’t be too hard on yourself, its okay to ask for help, get advice, read articles, and try new things, this is where you become the deciding factor in whether you choose to remain the same, or make changes and improve. So don’t give up, maybe what you are currently doing for yourself is not working, and that’s okay don’t be so hard on yourself. Its been said that in order to commit to a new routine and stick to it, there will be the occasional hurdle of getting used to a new regime, and it has been recommended to set “realistic expectations,” recognize that new routines “are actually very fragile,” and in order to get better “find out where your struggles are, and look for ways to make things easier for yourself.” [1] For example, on new meds there are phases of feeling lethargic, sleepy, unmotivated, and tired, to combat this feeling I started drinking black tea, got new face wash and makeup, and started working out everyday walking, and slowly I got my positive energy back, it takes time. Even as someone with problems in life, the problems will become less impactful the stronger you get, so don’t allow things not in your control to bombard you with negatives that you wind up self-harming or fall off schedule, people aren’t you, and its been my experience that people don’t know their own strength when they attack you with negatives, remember to be human, and hopefully they will do the same. Its okay to set high expectations for yourself, and that might be the very quality that gets attacked especially if you are online and vocal about your own experiences in life, its all about what people have to say about you in the long run, and while the bullies may pretend to forget how mean they were to you, the only person you should worry about being proud of you is you and your family, or close friends, everyone else, you are not obligated to please or accommodate, especially not if they are hateful, rude, and condescending toward you. You know its hard maintaining a public profile, and being original, and someone who doesn’t respect how far you’ve come, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice all of your progress, on the basis of their negative outlook for you and your life, say you can and you will overcome hate, and do so, and don’t self-harm!



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