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There Are Ways …

There are ways to look at things, thanks Ways App for the terminology, always choose the least destructive path it’s never easy thinking when there’s some amount of resistance to an effort (such as being new at something), or be faced with a difficulty of confrontation (such as needing reassurances), or being faced with a limited number of choices (choose what doesn’t hurt and if your selfless enough to accept the hurt yourself, be able to get yourself out of a bind without taking anyone down with you). What is philosophy for? I’m sure there are more skilled people at engaging in philosophical discussions, I got a C+ I remember in college in philosophy so that was that for some reason usually kids who go on to law school do well in philosophy I’m not sure why. Have some big picture perspective, you can start wherever you want from whatever time period you want with whatever facts you have, for me discovering my own life philosophy what works for me (through disability and back) was to know my own story and know my story well to me a good philosophy is based on a few fixed points which don’t change and help lead you to a place for thinking that things seem to go right for you whether that’s a person, through love, a disciplined activity (through athletics), education (learning, reading), or through writing (growing, improving), sometimes things done in small doses seem to do the trick and if I recall right philosophy is a way of comprehending life in small doses that make sense, and maybe that’s the best way to tackle some of life’s biggest questions, over how things happen, or why things happen, or what can be done in terms of prevention, what people think, why people think what they think, who does well in public and why, there are some basic acceptances to what works well and the same goes for your thoughts, so set aside what isn’t working, don’t force yourself to integrate an idea you’re not completely sure about, and don’t let what other people think change how you tackle life or dictate what you have to say (whether that’s a diagnosis or negative judgment), only you can prove yourself through what you have to say and based on what happens for you I life, around you, and for others, that then becomes the basis of whether your influence in life has led to more success than failures if you want to see yourself in a big way, that would be the odds against me in life. That’s the caveat, that if you are known, there’s some expectation for things to work out similarly for others if they imitate you or process what you have to say you would expect things to go right for someone who is trying to improve themselves too, remember there is no right or wrong way to think there is just thinking positive, negative, or in error. So try to focus on what are your deficits -whats keeping you from maintaining steady ground whether that be positive thoughts, whether you have fallen off center made to feel self destructive (either self harming or not staying on path positive), whether your relationship communications are clear (what are your barriers, is their upset, confusion, or disappointment), and whether by your actions or words things are panning out for you (that then becomes the basis whether anything is judged as coming from you) this may be the problem with sharing your diagnosis people assume mental health means there is something wrong inside of your body or mind, I can tell you this there is nothing wrong with me just as there is nothing wrong with someone who considers themselves normal, depending on what meds you take that’s to help calibrate you to a normal state so that you can be normal, that’s so you don’t stand out or for anyone to compare their thoughts to your own and question themselves, then there are hierarchies depending on your monetary success determines the value of your thinking and that’s the problem with the writing world as a blogger not making money, you may be questioned more than you are valued, and you may be devalued because your value is in question and doesn’t have a price tag, whatever guilt there is question about I know that I do my best, I’m not mentally ill, I’m an A writer, I’m considerate, I’m detailed, I think a lot, I’m compassionate, I’m caring, and I do my best and if someone thinks differently that’s okay too I’m not stopping them but it’s not okay to read something you think everyone’s supposed to think or accept and hurt me because you don’t want people to read what I’m thinking because you think my thinking is wrong it’s not. You can’t judge someone by who they do well with even if it’s not you, everyone comes to love and admire different people in life so if you think my thinking is based off wrongs you’re sorely mistaken I don’t study criminals, I don’t study crime, I don’t watch scary movies, and I don’t watch CSI, I went to law school, there is a difference. It means I’m thoughtful not prosecutorial, means I educate I’m not condescending, and means I’m clear and well spoken not passive aggressive. And I know my worth I don’t need anyone’s acceptance or sensitivity to be misdirected at me as though there is something about me directed at them, that’s you on you, your thoughts on your body, your mind on your head, and no one can change who you are inside your body in your head or by looking at you or your body and head and tell you what’s inside your body or your head, that’s all you.

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