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What Does it Take to Be Yourself …

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In writing over the course of your struggles in life keep a diary entry of your progress past the point of things going well for you in life until you get well, if you are nice enough to remember recall and describe others that you meet, maybe influential to others moving forward in what is empowering to know about you, I think people either get to know you through others, based on how they are what their experience was like with you, and what you are life, and based upon what you have to say, determine what is an issue with your progress, whether a support is received not yet an issue, either highlighted to you by another entity that’s no punishment in the form of identification of subjects the render that punishment public, nor is Twitter for story telling or Facebook a platform for things no going well for you for you to get well, informing others of you not feeling well or why that’s something that you report to the LAPD, later identification of issues is not to say that your story reactions or questions are wrong that you commit toward others it is things you remember that they thing it wrong with you, and based upon what names or incidences appear to be demonstrated or communicated by symbolism blame you as a reminder of you or something known of you intended to communicate either for the option of saying that you are not empowered or insulted or infer something to be about you that you have done wrong to another that needs to be addressed by others toward for there to be communications recorded to demonstrate that when you were not well as though that harmed someone who was well, its not of issue public until there is a movement, and once there a movement toward wellness, what empowers you later is not the times that you recall feeling sick, its whether your life was lived special and whether your stories shared if recalled or reminded of is a source of memory to elicit common “phrase” to “job memory” is for reaction, to annoy is not a pet peeve, its to see if you think of why you contact of where you are what you sound like and what your issue is whatever is about you, its not about having problems and talking about life as though your problems come from your life, I think you are only made to talk about life in a written form documented if you need help identifying your life to figure out what caused you to do drugs and if you understand the risk of trying drugs forewarned of permanent effects your brain, no one gets away with cutting lose or staying smart there is no such thing as focusing socially in a way in which you are made to use drugs its not triggering to have friends, that’s an accomplishment something that you feel privileged to have friends, that’s not a goal, that being able to be friends and that takes effort on the part of each friend, its not a favor or by what you have in life that people are nice to you, its by wellness, and addiction is something that causes a loss of respect because there is wellness affected by someone changing who does not recognize that something is wrong, or worry for things going wrong, and the causes, and if there is a situation for anyone trying to tell you that a mental health condition needs to be brought to your attention in the form of any past situation of being confronted by others to let you know that you are not well or not doing well is to use social situation or photos as evidence of something lost due to drugs and alcohol or treat you as though you don’t know that when you play club soccer on weekends, you don’t have time if traveling to go out on weekends, which means difficult to make friends, join sorority, make friends in other dorms, and that’s a situation that’s not by choice, its either you are able to smoke weed that’s a social thing or a privilege or you are not able, or don’t have the privilege to party drink or smoke weed, if its not something that you have friends to do things with then its not a problem until you are doing something with your life that you cannot be helped with, and that’s not what socialization is about move, or complaint, you are well when you are well wherever you are, and if you are judged you don’t become unhappy or upset or feel disadvantaged or known about in the negative until you demonstrate an instability that the known causes are not those who are in your life, nor the known causes for people in your life, it will seem like you talk about life for attentions, I think if its customary to think about life when you have the time to that’s something you do, if you keep a diary that’s not because you have problems it’s a trendy way to record your life its not a matter of secrecy or personality or ability to talk to people or not be able to talk to people and if you don’t have the time to journal, then that’s something recommended and maybe not the issue to talk about life if you don’t have a life, and past the point of not doing well, people don’t want to be talked about because they don’t want people to think of them in a limited way based upon being nice to you for others to watch you not be well and think that you have done something wrong to deserve to not be well, when is life good when you are doing everything right, when is life hard when you are not proud of yourself have not accomplished anything in life that gives you the privilege to be somewhere for work, and that’s ability, trust, wellness, and reputation is something about reliability when you get sick if you have ever been sick and whether you get how that happens. 

Whats offensive about wellness, is for there to be expectation of watching you struggle in photos like that’s because you don’t care about yourself or another doesn’t care about you, I think you are attractive or not, and I don’t think that that matters until its you sexuality face hygiene mental health pictures and achievements thought to be sentimental or hinting of things insulting, and no one want to be strong armed or made to feel criticized by someone focused who canot stay well, some people can be social, and some people social are watched for behavior or attitude real or problematic and being well liked online doesn’t mean that you are an example of how things are supposed to go well for you, I think by what you tell people, becomes the issue that they come to put things together to identify as there being something not warm or cold about you, I don’t think it becomes an issue to be close to people until you have problems and don’t know why, I think its hard to be social if you don’t have the time to be social and its hard to be helped if you have problems and you talking about life becomes the problem that others have with you thinking that you have promoted yourself in a way present past that presents you or others in a negative light, a problem with not be told to you when things are not right check how you are, what you have to say, and that’s how respect is lost, that doesn’t mean that socialization is rejected on the basis of race, if you cant drink that doesn’t mean that you are not fun, and if you look stupid, that not an issue until you get sick, and if you sound smart, that’s not something that is easy for you, or helpful not until you are made to be social, and if you are not social thought to be insult, I think dating if you are criticized or not trusted then to be friends is something they think is cause for their worry as though you attract attentions or invite for men to be in your life, not as friends but because of liking people and then be treated as though being liked interferes with what you value in them, I think if you ever feel connected and not ready for it, anything unstable cannot be fixed, people state preferences and worries and that’s something you can understand and also explain to them that’s that’s not the case and that’s what defending yourself ir for an being reassuring even if you are insulted its not true, nothing will be an issue until its hurtful and you don’t know why, and others who think something is personal or hurtful only if true or secret is to see whether there is disturbance if you are made to not feel well, think its something secret on them. 

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